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Having something to look forward to is the key for me when it comes to forward momentum. I am certainly blessed to have more than enough to look forward to in my immediate future it just looks like I may need a couple of bucketfuls of salt for traction.


I will post an entry in the Keep Moving Forward Challenge every Thursday from now through March 2015. To join in on the journey, use the comment section to tell us about how you “kept moving forward” that week. Write about it on your own blog site (and include the link in the comments), make a video, and/or use the hashtag #KeepMovingForwardChallenge on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

The Challenge creator and host is Kelly Deeny:

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This past week has been so busy I feel like I am spinning in circles and when I try to get out of the spin I slide right back in. Actually I did a lot of actual sliding this week. Tuesday night when I left the nursing facility where I’ve been working I had to sit on my butt and slide to my car. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. There was no way to walk safely. If only there was a video of me trying to scrape the inch of ice off of my car with a travel mug because my scraper shattered. The ride home was slow but what really matters is I made it home with all of my bones and my car intact.

serious icycles

This morning’s drive to the nursing facility was just as slippery but it is the prettiest snow of the season.  I am hoping it is all clear tomorrow because I have a morning flight to Nashville for a blogging conference. I am looking forward to learning and being inspired to move my blog and my writing career to the next level. I am also beyond excited to be finally meeting so many blogging and Facebook friends in real life. #BAMC15


I am so grateful that Saturday’s weather was cold, but dry and people including my friends from Lower Bucks Creative Explorers were able to make it safely to our Press Club Professional Development Workshop. This one was one of our best, so far. Our presenters were Philadelphia News ‘royalty,’ Jim Donovan, Susan Barnett and Debra Wallace. They were engaging, fun and so informative.

Workshop  Feb 2015

I still haven’t received my production schedule for The Stranger In My Recliner. I am so ready to see Sophie’s story in print.

My big writing accomplishment for the week was outlining my post titles for the A-to-Z Challenge. I still need to write the posts but it is a baby step forward.  I am looking forward to the theme reveal later this month. If you need a challenge I highly recommend the A-to-Z. For more information and to sign up:

A to Z 2015 Badge

What keeps you moving forward when you feel like you are stuck in a spin?

Happy Writing,


Photo: Kelly, Me, Camille, Jim Donovan, Maria and Toni. 







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18 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward…”

  1. I wish I had some kind of writing club to be a part of. None in my area and since our house is on the market I’ll have to wait and see. As for the rest you are so extraordinary in all that you do and propose to do with your writing. You have a lot of energy! Good for you, Doreen. I am in awe.

  2. I love your enthusiasm! Defining Goals and charting a Path is so important even if it’s snowing outside! Good for you! Have a great time at the conference. We want to hear al about it when you return.

  3. Enjoy the conference! Safe travels to you (and all other BAM attendees!). And kudos to you on getting the A-Z titles lined up. You’re right: Coming up with titles of that many posts is a huge job, a grand accomplishment!


  4. You’re a busy lady. I would to have seen you sliding on your butt! That is something I would do. I’m in a great critique group and they keep me moving forward on my writing.

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