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Thank you to Kim Tackett for inviting me to share my writing process. It has been so interesting to read the process of some of my favorite writers. You can read Kim’s writing process here:


Why do I write what I write?  

The simple answer is because I have to. Right now I write non -fiction in order to stay sane with the hope that my words may help someone who needs to be reminded they are not alone.

When my youngest brother, musician David Albert was murdered, and the circumstances surrounding the random road rage attack became overwhelming I was compelled to tell the story.

And then more reality happened and those story’s needed to be told.

I am hoping someday the literary fiction novel I have in my head will find its way on to paper.

What am I working on?


I am busy working on the final edits for The Stranger in My Recliner. In this book I tell the story of Sophie, an 83-year-old homeless woman that crossed my husband’s path one night and ended up in our living room. Sophie lived with us for nearly three-years.  The reality of her situation was heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious. Going through the edits I find myself asking, was this really us, did we really do that?

The final draft of my third book, The Father’s Pain is nearly complete. This book is my husband’s story on the loss of his 17-year-old son to suicide.

Did I mention I am more than ready to start writing fiction?

I am also working on a couple of ghost-writing projects. (I love doing these)


How does my writing differ from others of its genre?

 My memoirs are 100% my own truth. I use real names and give no one a pass not even myself.

I couldn’t make this stuff up.


How does your writing process work?

 I used to be so disciplined in my process. It sort of all fell apart for me eighteen-months-ago when my father in Florida and my BFF in North Carolina got sick. They both had clear pet-scans a year later, on the same day and just six-months later died within weeks of one another.

I sometimes feel like I am skidding but so far I am hanging on, tight.

~ ~ ~ ~

Balancing writing with the marketing of Bristol boyz Stomp has been a major learning process.  I am grateful for the help I have with marketing, but it is still a big job. I love attending author events and book signings. If you told me I would love doing those two-years ago I would have laughed. I was terrified.

~ ~ ~ ~

Without a doubt I have writing rituals. I am obsessed with pens, notebooks (only college rule), sticky notes, and snacks. I always start out with a cup of hot tea and a game of scrabble- blast. Some habits are hard to break so I always do my first draft on paper. I am getting slightly better at throwing that paper away once I have typed the second draft.

Pen 3

I have a lovely office with an inspiring view but I recently developed the bad habit of using my sofa, my bed and my dining room table as a desk. All three areas are a mess.

Office Photo

I used to have a daily word count goal that I consistently didn’t meet. It left me feeling unaccomplished.  My author friend, Dina Santorelli (she is awesome by the way) suggested weekly word count goals. For me it has been liberating. It allows me a pass on my busier days with my out of the house jobs. My weekly goal now is 3500 words. Of course I still procrastinate and on Sundays I am usually frantically trying to catch up. (For more on Dina)


I used to be a night owl writer, waking up many mornings with my head on my desk and an awful cramp in my neck. Lately I find myself waking before dawn wanting to be curled up on the sofa with my lap top.


My favorite writing snacks are Golden Grahams (dry), M&M’s, candy corn, candy peanuts, chocolate w/sea salt (a current obsession), cheese and crackers, hot/ice tea and sometimes, when it is necessary wine.


While writing I listen to the news, the Phillies (or whatever team is in season) or occasionally an eclectic selection of music that may or may not include Pat Green, Fleetwood Mac, Meatloaf, Springsteen, Alabama, Cat Stevens (or whatever his name is now), Kenny Chesney, Smashing Pumpkins and Willie Nelson. Occasionally my grandkids (13 of them ranging in age from 18-3) add songs to surprise me that get stuck in my head for days like, Macklemore’s Thriftshop and Pink’s Truth about Love and dear Lord, Let it Go.

I know I need help, admitting it is half the battle right?


Now I will pass the torch on to one of my favorite writers, fellow Military Writers of America member award winning author of The Final Salute and Johnnie Come Lately [2/1/2015] Kathleen Rodgers-

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