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Terrorism has been around since the beginning of time.  It fits with my theme of Pop-Culture because unfortunately just the word, terrorism or terrorist sets off politicians, both left and right, activists, revolutionaries, presidents, kings etc.

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S is for Sophie

When Sophie walked in my front door, I could not believe my eyes. She was a frail, filthy dirty, scared and hunched over, eighty- year –old woman. I wondered if she had bugs [I am ocd like that.] I told her to sit on the sofa, while in my mind I was imagining, throwing that big red sofa away and buying a new one.

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What a crazy week we all have had! My heart hurts for Texas and for Boston.

I fell behind with the A-Z Challenge because of some unexpected writing responsibilities. Revision is just another step in the journey to publication. Unexpected revisions, once we have gotten over the shock surprise can be exciting.

This month I am participating in the A-Z Challenge.

My ‘R’ post is Revision

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Q is for Quirky

The definition:

1.) A peculiarity of behavior: an idiosyncrasy-not in a bad way.

2.) An unpredictable or unaccountable act or event.

3.) A sudden sharp turn or twist.

4.) Odd, unusual, eccentric, curious, fanciful or offbeat

I love that the definition says ‘not in a bad’ way because the word quirky has been used to describe me more than once.

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Politically Correct..

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Politically correct is one of my least favorite sayings. Every time I hear someone say it, I cringe. The two words together are an oxymoron. There is nothing correct about politics.

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O is for OMG

OMG- is a common abbreviation used in SMS [short message service] It stands for Oh My God, Oh My Goodness or Oh My Gosh.

I thought the abbreviation came about in the 21st century but no the first time OMG was used was in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917 []

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Its all about ‘I’

Welcome to today’s edition of the A-to –Z Challenge, The letter ‘I’

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The ‘I’ Culture

I am proud to say most of my life I have had an open mind. I also weathered most change with the attitude that it might take getting used to but would turn out for the better.

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the Dogs..

Welcome to my daily A-to-Z Challenge post.  Today’s letter is D and the word I chose is Dogs.

My theme is Pop Culture and you may be wondering what exactly do- dogs have to do with Pop-Culture.  I hope my post answers that question.

If you were expecting to see my monthly IWSG post, I apologize my dogs ate that post:(

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