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To Pen Name or Not…

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To Pen Name or Not

I never considered using a pen name until recently. My first three, probably four books are nonfiction. I eventually want to write fiction and wondered if I should consider a pseudo name.

I think there are good reasons on both sides of the argument to use a pen name or not. In some cases publishers own/trademark names and hire ghostwriters to write under that name. Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars) started her career doing this sort of ghostwriting.

author sara shepard book cover

A pen name will not protect you from legal action so if you are considering slandering someone you would be better off giving them pseudo names and changing the scenario up a bit.

  • If you write erotica at night and teach school during the day you might have a good reason to choose a pen name.
  • For too long women authors had to use pseudo names or their initials because female writers weren’t respected. Thankfully this is no longer the case.
  • If you are writing about highly controversial topics and want to avoid any backlash you might want to change your name. I think this is a terrible reason to use a pen name. If you are passionate and believe in your words, own them.
  • You want to write in several genres and don’t want your readers to get confused. This was my reasoning for considering a name change. I decided against it because I hope my readers read my work because they like the way I tell a story, not simply because of the genre.

pen and box

How about you? What reasons can you think of for using a pseudo name or not? Do you use on? Would you?

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