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What do you do when your friend or loved one has cancer?


So many of you have been praying, sending healing thoughts for and asking me what you can possibly do to help my friend Joelle and her family.

I often wondered why our God gives some of us heavier crosses to bare than he gives others’.  Joelle is one such person. She has lost loved ones to violence and illnesses. Refusing to allow herself to be stuck in sorrow, she continued to be supportive and to stand by her friends, family, church, community and even complete strangers.

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A-Z Challenge ‘N’ New Author Nat Fuller

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I would like to introduce you to author Nat Fuller. 

Nat was born in Mississippi. He graduated from high school in Gainesville, Florida, and relocated to Durham, North Carolina.

After several years touring the country as an over-the-road truck driver, Nat accepted a contractor position, and served over three years in Anbar Province, Iraq in support of our troops. Between assignments on Al Asad airbase, Nat spent his spare time forming scenarios, building characters, and creating a story he hopes you’ll enjoy.

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Realize Your Writing Dreams by Doreen McGettigan
Stranger In My Recliner book cover
Book - Bristol Boyz Stomp by Doreen McGettigan
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