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Another Day, Another Month, Another Year…

Another Day, Another Month, Another Year…

               A personal series on medical gaslighting, cancer, forgiveness, and healing. New posts in this series will appear on Wednesdays.

I used to be such a devoted blogger. Even when life was hard, good, or too busy I was committed to those two posts a week. But the end of 2021 & 2022 nearly broke me, not nearly it did break me.

“You have a large cancerous tumor, and it is strangling you.” I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis after two years of feeling sick and numerous hospitalizations. Relief quickly turned to terror. I’ve heard the “C” word before. Recurrence can’t be good.

What happened?

For four years I had some form of abdominal pain every single day. I pretty much convinced myself I was a hypochondriac. For two years I had reflux occasionally, then once a week, and then every single night. ER doctors said it was caused by my Celiac disease, and or diverticulitis.

My primary doctor said my bloodwork was all good. He prescribed anti-acid medication. It did nothing.

Was I being Gaslighted?

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