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Fraggin’ Fantastic


By the time Friday rolls around my mind is so full of ½ thoughts, lists and ideas but lucky for me, the lovely, Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past -Kissin Time came up with the solution for all those Fragments. Friday Fragments is the place to unload all of those great ideas that just are not enough for a full post…yet.

The best part about Friday Fragments is without a doubt, the friends.

To learn more about Friday Fragments, how you can participate and the news on the BIG anniversary coming up:

Friday Fragmets Celebration






We are more than half way through this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge. I have posted on time and have visited at least ten other blogs, each day of the challenge so far. I am still so excited that my ‘theme reveal’ post has eighty + comments.

If you have time I hope you will visit the A-Z’s of mental health awareness. Today’s post is on PTSD.

My editing on the book has suffered. I am going to try to catch up on that today.

I took a much needed break last Saturday and spent a glorious day with my daughters and grandkids. We had breakfast at Applebee’s with the Easter Bunny, to support my cousin’s little girl’s gymnastics team. The gymnasts actually served the breakfast and cleared the tables. They are a very impressive group.

Bunny Breakfast 2014 cousins

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