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On Wednesday’s I like to share information I picked up on my path to publishing, marketing and preparing to publish again. Information that I wish someone would have shared with me, back then.

 Author Marketing Plans

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Writing Wednesday/ More on Media Pitches…

Writing Wednesday

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Wednesday is the day I share what I have learned on my writing journey and on to publication, marketing and publishing again. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. If you have any tips please share them with us in the comments…

More on Marketing/ Media Pitches

You’ve written the book, the proposal, the query, the synopsis, the marketing plan and yes, there is more. The media pitch or one sheet it what is used to try to entice a newspaper or magazine editor to write a feature, a TV producer to do a segment or a radio producer to do an interview with you.

Writing is hard

The first and most important thing you must remember is the editors and producers have no interest in your book or blog. Their only interest is their audience. With that in mind you will need to come up with a story idea that would be of interest to that media outlets entire audience.

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Through researching and writing your book or blog what is the common theme? Have you become an expert on that topic? Perhaps you write book reviews on your blog. Have you considered pitching a summer reading list segment or article? Perhaps you write a blog on disabilities. Have you considered pitching a list of tips on traveling with a disability? My first book was the true story of my brother’s random road rage murder. I sadly learned everything there is to learn about road rage and consider myself an expert. I pitch tips on not becoming a victim of road rage and also tips on not becoming full of rage as a driver.  My second book is the true story of a homeless woman that my husband brought home one night and she stayed with us for nearly three years. I am now an expert on homelessness. The possibilities of ideas for stories to pitch are endless. You are a writer, of course you can come up with a few.

sword pen

Remember; the buzz about you and your book should never come from you. The journalist and radio or TV hosts will mention your book and how to get it at the end of the article/interview. With the buzz coming from them, you and your book will gain immediate credibility.

At first, think small and local. Look up the websites for your local newspapers, TV and radio stations and look for their story idea or pitch submission guidelines. It may not be that easy to find but it is there.


Do the research on the media outlets you want to pitch. Read the paper, listen to the radio shows and watch the TV shows you are intending to pitch. Make sure they cover the kind of story you are pitching.

The best way to pitch the media is on the outlets website or by e-mail. It is a good idea to follow them on social media but don’t pitch them there.

The Pitch:

The date

Try to address it to a specific editor/producer/show etc…

Don’t be over formal.

You will probably have three sentences to grab their attention so start with your elevator pitch.

Add your story idea. Show them don’t tell them J you want them to visualize the segment. Relate the story to their audience.

Use bullet points to add 5 or 6 talking points/ suggestions

Next add why you are the best person for the interview adding your book/blog title and a brief synopsis.

A short bio and contact information.

Keep it short, concise and simple, no fluff. One page is sufficient.

Good luck!

Happy Pitching and Writing,


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Writing Wednesday and the Monthly Meeting of the Insecure Writers…

It is time for the monthly meeting of the Insecure Writers Support Group. No matter where you are in your writing journey chances are you occasionally have feelings of insecurity. No worry’s, link up and find all of the support you could possibly ask for. If you are in a good place perhaps you have some inspiration to share let’s face it we all feel the need for a bit of support from our friends.

The IWSG co-hosts for this month are Chemist Ken, Suzanne Sapseed, and Shannon Lawrence!  Don’t forget to visit and thank them for co-hosting.



It is also Wednesday which means it is also:



Typewriter Pink


Wednesday is the day I share what I have learned on my writing journey and on to publication, marketing and publishing again. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them. If you have any tips please share them with us…

Public Relations (PR) Part 4- Writing a book as a PR tool

The official Merriam Webster definition of PR-

The activity or job of providing information about a particular person or organization to the public so that people will regard that person or organization in a favorable way.

 The relationship between an organization and the public.

You can read parts 1; 2 and 3 of PR tips here:

Part 1- (Public Relations)

Part 2- (Press Releases)

Part 3- (TV and Radio Pitches)


Publishing a book has never been easier and there are so many reasons to write a book these days other than the obvious of course which is because you are a writer and want a career as an author.

Books are becoming the new business card and can work for any business, product, non-profit or special event as a branding and PR tool. A book can generate income in many other areas besides book sales, speaking, consulting and services to name a few.


Once you have a book that has been well written you will gain immediate professional credibility.

50 % of all books written are ghost written. 80% of all non-fiction books are ghostwritten. If writing is not your strong suit consider hiring a writing coach or a ghost writer.


Public Relations is not selling. Of course we all want to sell our books and a really good Marketing Plan that includes a good PR plan will help you achieve that goal but remember, PR is about goodwill and the audience.

As authors we always need to keep goodwill and audience in mind while we are interacting on social media. If a journalists is considering covering your event or writing an article on you he/she will Google you as will a TV or radio producer.  Don’t post anything you don’t want them to see.

If you cant say nice say it in french

That said; it is okay to occasionally be ‘controversial’ for the sake of discussion or debate but try to maintain professionalism

Auto Correct is a nightmare for me and I am sure it is for you too. As writers we have to be extra diligent to ensure our words no matter where we put them are grammatically correct. I struggle with this…

Happy Writing,


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