My Happy Place..

It’s been such a pleasure working on Katie’s book release team!

Katie Fehlinger spent 15 years weather anchoring and reporting for tv and radio at both the national and local level. She’s now an author, public speaker, content creator, and will forever be a DIY junkie.

Every morning on my drive to work I listened to Katie discuss the weather, Penn State, and all sorts of other fun things with my favorite morning radio talk show host.

At lunch time I watched her on TV.

From the outside looking in her life looked fabulous. Good husband, beautiful twin baby daughters and a dream job on TV and radio. The thing is it wasn’t her dream.

She was brave enough to give up someone else’s dream for her and went on to DIY to her own bliss and to write about it.

In My Happy Place, Katie lays out her DIY roadmap to authentic personal bliss: how she self-audited and beat down roadblocks to actualize her most joyous path, plus her practical steps to ensure the good times keep rolling.

My Happy Place is for all the people-pleasers trying to take back control of their own lives.

This book is relatable, relevant, and real.

Only $0.99 on Kindle through July 28th!


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