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Today’s question

Do you have any rituals that you use when you need help getting into the ZONE? 

Yes, I have several rituals that I use! Normally they work. It’s been different the past eight weeks; I’m still trying to find new rituals that might work to help me focus.

Normally I work from home, so the pandemic has not affected my ability to work. I know I’m blessed because so many others found themselves out of work and “stuck” at home without income.

My husband, who is normally out of the house for fourteen-hours a week, is home. He’s treating this as an extended vacation.

Lately it seems as soon as I’m in my zone I hear “When you’re finished” or “When will you be done?” I’m sure you all realize how quickly any interference takes you out of your zone.

We don’t normally get to spend a lot of time together, so I’m enjoying every minute of Netflix binge watching, afternoon walks and meals we are eating together.

My normal ritual is to play a game of Words with Friends, make a cup of tea (occasionally wine), and to have some sort of finger foods close by. Sometimes the finger foods are M&M’s or jelly beans but lately I’ve been trying to stick with apple slices, grapes and cheese. Honestly sometimes only candy will do.

I need background noise when I write so I either have the news on low, or I use my headphones and listen to music.

Daily word counts don’t work for me (especially lately.) I prefer weekly word counts. That way I feel I have a chance to catch up if I need to skip a day or two and it helps me feel like less of a failure😊

How about you? Do you have writing rituals? What are you binge-watching? Are you and your family doing okay?

Happy writing,

AND today  we announce the release of the next IWSG anthology!

Voyagers: The Third Ghost

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Thank you for reviewing and sharing! (I’ve received some bizarre troll reviews that make accusations that aren’t true and honestly make no sense at all.) Has that ever happened to you? What did you do, if anything?

6 Responses to “Writing Rituals..”

  • Doreen, I’m like you in that my personal routine hasn’t changed–I write at home and I make no money! Having my husband home 24/7 has been the biggest adjustment, and I agree, spending more time together has been great, but after eight weeks, I will be sooooo glad for him to go back to work!

  • That’s great you are getting some extra time with your husband. Enjoy it while you hae the time.

  • I also work from home already, so life hasn’t changed much for me either.
    I really liked what you said about weekly word counts and catching up. Great idea!

  • I’m binge-watching Chicago P.D. I hadn’t realized the show was so good.

  • I think I’m like you, I don’t have a particular ritual to get “into the zone” except just to start writing – and I’m also lucky to still be working (freelance), so my day is full and writing is an early morning mission before the dogs wake up! Glad to hear you’re safe and well.

  • It won’t last forever, so just enjoy your time together right now.

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