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Congratulations to friend and debut author Kelly Deeny on the release of The Spirit Projector I hope you enjoy getting to know her, she’s fabulous.

Kelly obtained her B.A. in English from Temple University, and has worked in copywriting/editing and library services. Her love of the arts led to the creation of multiple blogs and writers’ group facilitation. When not writing, Kelly’s either binge-watching a new British TV series, attending a Broadway musical, or spending time with her nieces and nephews. When Kelly grows up, she wants to adopt a husky and travel – maybe not at the same time.


About the Book

Sixteen-year-old Graysea Wealer’s life changed in ways the female Spirit Projector couldn’t predict; her male counterpart fled without her and the Overseers bestowed upon her new tasks and responsibilities – ones that no longer included projecting her spirit back in time. When her beloved six-year-old brother’s health mysteriously deteriorates, Graysea realizes that in order to save him she must make the male Spirit Projector fall in love with her. If she can’t, then her brother will perish and she will become the next Usurper. While Graysea trains in the ways of her Alora Valley elders (learning about the four Cornerstones, the magic of nature’s energy, and significance of auras) she must also deal with an overbearing mother, a white-tailed deer/Guide who speaks but doesn’t always listen, and a recently-returned ex who broke her heart. Along her journey, she encounters ancestral spirits to help learn that sometimes looking back is necessary to move forward.

Interview Questions
What was it like to hold your first published book in your hands? Where was the first place you put it and photographed it once you could put it down?

The day I received my package of books I waited a few hours until my PA nieces and nephew sat around me. We opened the box together and recorded it for posterity. As surreal of a moment as it was for me to see my “baby” in print, I was more excited to see the kids’ reactions. “Look, Mom, it’s Aunt Kelly’s book! Mom, she has your name in the Acknowledgements! This is so cool!” We took a family walk around the lake at the Falls Township park a day later, and I carried my birthed book with me. My sisters got a photographic talent, so she stopped along the path and placed my book on a fence with the water behind it. It’s become one of my favorite images.

If you could only choose one of your characters to have dinner with, who would you choose and why?

I’d choose HENRI for two reasons: 1) He’s got an interesting story to tell which has yet to be explored in the first book of the series and 2) I envision him as one with a warm smile, gentle manners, and a worn heart.

Which character would you scold for giving you a hard time?

Liam because he’s got no room to talk on that subject! 😉

From idea to finished manuscript, how long did it take you to write this book?

While I wrote the first “scene” of the book roughly eleven years ago, it was a trip to the Muckross House in Killarney National Park, Ireland back in 2004 which planted the story seeds. While I toured the historic estate, I stared out a window from what once was a young girl’s bedroom. Suddenly, I felt the presence of a child standing at my side, gazing out the window with me. I carried that moment and the sense of Irish heritage back with me across the large pond.

I’ve started and halted so many stories over the years for a variety of reasons, but THE SPIRIT PROJECTOR refused to be ignored. Graysea never left my imagination though I pushed her away for months at a time. I love the characters, setting, tone, and story so much that I kept second-guessing each “final” draft. I kept tweaking things that didn’t need tweaking, wondering if anyone else will love it as I do.

Do you have a ritual, something you do before you sit down to write? Your favorite space to write?

The short answer to this question – No. I’ve tested out different rituals over the years (like “Morning Pages” from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way), but none ever really caught on. If I’m reviewing or editing content, I can have vocal music (showtunes probably) in the background, but only instrumental when I’m drafting new content. I don’t really have a favorite place to write as I don’t have an office or writing workstation set up for myself, but I do enjoy taking a notebook to the beach or local park on a beautiful day, feel the sun’s rays on my skin, and let inspiration flow.

If you could be a member of any fantasy race, which would you choose? What would be your superpower and your weapon of choice?

It’s so funny that you asked this question because I know this answer without thinking too long or hard – I’d be part of the Rivendell Elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS. I love the magic, healing power of nature, and the costumes are phenomenal!!!!! The choice of a superpower is a difficult one because I typically respond with the common ones like flying or telekinesis. However, I think of Art Therapy as a type of superpower which is probably why I infused it into my novel.

What is your guilty TV pleasure?

I looooove baking competitions on cooking channels. I can’t cook or bake, but they make it look so easy and really showcase the artistry in what they can create.
What’s the last show you binge watched and what did you like or dislike about it?
That’d be LETTER FOR THE KING (a Netflix original series). There is but one season so far, and hope there are more to follow as it’s got a terrific blend of magic, medieval setting, diverse representation, and a hint of romance. I finished episode 1 and immediately knew it was my kind of series.

What is your favorite neighborhood takeout and what are you ordering?

My family adores DeLorenzo’s The Burg located in Levittown, PA. My favorite item(s) to order is the Margherita Pie (cooked light) with a side order of the Caprese Salad, because it is a-maz-ing!!!!!

What are you writing now?

I’m jumped in with both…hands…and am writing the second book in The Alorians series. I also create writing prompts, draft Motivational Monday poems, and study ancestry as character research.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to when you first sat down to write this book and what advice would you give to yet unpublished writers who are writing their first book?

Trust in yourself and the story you have within you to craft. I wish I’d believed stronger and sooner in not only my talent but the significance of what I wanted to share with the world -that it mattered even if it only mattered to me. Buuuut, I finally realized that I had to stop editing based on what I assumed others thought. I had taken into account every piece of advice from each workshop instructor and guest speakers at writing/publishing conferences and events, attempting to fit it into my specific style/project. I am unique, as is my story. So, it should not have surprised me that my journey to publication would be just as unique. My journey was mine to take, and those of you out there writing your first book will follow your path. It’s ours to take – our decision on who gets to give directions or walk alongside. Keep your head up and pen down. Keep moving forward!!!!!

Thank you so much Kelly,


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  • Getting advice from others is a good idea – but you’re right that we can’t act on all of it and need to make the story our own, not try to please absolutely everyone.

  • Huge congratulations, Kelly!
    That is an accomplishment worthy of celebration! And there simply is nothing like holding that first book…
    Great article, Doreen!

  • It is quite an accomplishment and such an exciting time!

  • Thanks for introducing her to us. I always love discovering new bloggers! I adore Margherita pizza too!

  • I would eat that pizza pie.
    Hold your book for the first time is always a treat.
    Congratulations, Kelly!

  • Doreen, you are awesome! Thank you for continuing to pay the writing love/support forward. I’m thrilled every day that our paths crossed all those years ago. This is one writing dream realized. 🙂

  • Rena:

    Great interview Doreen! I always love to meet new authors.I make sure the last thing I do every night is read something just for fun (at least an hour or three lol).

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