Friday Favorites, Flops and Food Picnic Edition…


Friday Favorites, Flops and Food

1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds

I know its cliché, but the weeks seem to be floating by leaving me feeling like I’m missing something or not living life to the fullest. One of my goals for this year is to slow my days down and to be present and mindful of every minute. Another goal is to enjoy each season. Friday is a great day to take some time to reflect on my favorites, flops and food over the past week.

What were your favorites, flops and what was the best thing you ate this week?

It looks like I’ll be getting a taste of my favorite season, summer this weekend! We are expecting near 9o degree weather in Philadelphia this Sunday!

This week was another busy one. While I’m relieved to have two big events behind me, I’m sad they’re over.


I’m on the board of #FamilyPromise. The organization is national, but I work with our local affiliate to support homeless families. On Thursday we had our first annual tea party fundraiser. One of our board members, Dana offered to have the party in her gorgeous home. It was such fun (a ton of work for Dana) and we raised desperately needed funds.

Look how fancy we were…

Wednesday the Press Club (I’m a member and former board member) was invited to a behind the scenes tour of the Scotts Arboretum at Swarthmore College. Our tour guide, Becky Roberts was so impressive. She answered every question. It was one of our rare good weather days and the gardens were gorgeous. Sitting down on a stone steps that were built decades ago surrounded by the tallest, most beautiful trees was so relaxing and inspiring.

The gardens are open to the public all year round and dogs are welcome (if leashed.)

I love that there is no charge and the caretakers are happy to share the beauty with everyone.

We took a quick road trip to Erie Pa.

My husband Johns best friend Terry is fighting cancer. Terry is a talented basketball player. Our Philadelphia 76’ers were in game 7 of a playoff games and the guys wanted to watch it together. They didn’t win but we all had fun.


Game 7 between the Raptors and 76ers. Did you see the winning shot? If not google it.

I hate cancer so much.

Seeing loved ones in pain sucks so bad and saying that feels so selfish, because my loved ones are suffering.

It was a long rainy ride and a quick visit and I’m so glad we went.

Women on women bullying.

What is wrong with us? The hatred, bullying and threats on both sides of the abortion issue are disgusting. There are probably male politicians on both sides sitting in corners laughing hysterically because they’ve pitted us against each other and caused the divide they wanted. They won.

We’re smarter than this.

Why aren’t we finding common ground on this issue? As women we’re problem solvers. How did we let this happen? I’ve been threatened cursed at and worse. It’s disgusting.  SO ugly. With us divided we will never win!

Allergies have me feeling like my head is under water.

The migraines are fierce. Do you suffer with seasonal allergies?


Eating has been a pleasure this week!

Because I have Celiac Disease, for the tea party I prepared the gluten free selections. Chicken salad on gluten free French bread, cream cheese with fresh veggies on almond crackers, cheese, grapes and gluten free mint cookies were all so good.

Dana made 9 types of tea sandwiches.

Salmon, Chutney and cream cheese, ham and cheese, turkey, egg salad and more. The spread was impressive!
The deserts were impressive as well. With brownies, muffins, cupcakes and cookies it could never go wrong. Everyone seemed to enjoy it all!

Food service at Swarthmore College provided us with a box picnic lunch during our visit.

The chicken salad in a veggie wrap, sun chips, apple and iced tea were perfect for our natural surroundings and it was good!

Have a blessed weekend,

4 Responses to “Friday Favorites, Flops and Food Picnic Edition…”

  • Cancer does suck.
    That’s cool you are involved in so many organizations.
    Not cool – we are in the mid-nineties today!

  • Sounds like you made the most of your week.
    I feel you on the basketball thing, my Celtics lost in the last round (although the Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup finals!).
    Cancer sucks, I’ve written a few posts about how it smacked into (“touched” just sounds too gentle) my life too.

  • That tea party sounds amazing – everything you made sounded delicious + all those sandwiches and other goodies. So sorry about your husband’s friend – cancer certainly sucks big time. I’m glad you got to brighten his day (even without a team win).

  • Kate McDevitt:

    Sound great! Nice job!

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