Friday Favorites, Flops and Food/ Five Year Edition…

Friday Favorites, Flops and Food

1 week = 7 days = 168 hours = 10,080 minutes = 604,800 seconds

I know its cliché, but the weeks seem to be floating by leaving me feeling like I’m missing something or not living life to the fullest. One of my goals for this year is to slow my days down and to be present and mindful of every minute. Another goal is to enjoy each season. Friday is a great day to take some time to reflect on my favorites, flops and food over the past week.


Did you hear that big sigh? What a busy week I’ve had. There’s so much to reflect on.

I’m on a committee that plans an annual gala to support a nontraditional female college student.

The nonprofit was founded by Victorious Woman founder and the Mother of Modern- Day Marriage, Annmarie Kelly. This event, the Girlfriend Gala is my annual favorite. How could a room full of beautiful, smart woman, good music, and food not be fabulous? For the last several years the event has been held at Penn Oaks Golf Club in West Chester Pa. As far as location, its beautiful, and the staff is above and beyond.

It’s Prom season.

Our grandson Dominic’s junior prom was last night. He was so handsome and his girlfriend Rylee, a beautiful girl looked stunning. They are both fierce athletes, so it was so nice to see them dressed up.

Bristol High School is small. There are less than one-hundred seniors in the graduating class, each year. My kids graduated from the school so it’s heartwarming and bittersweet watching my grandchildren attend the same school.
Nearly the entire town turned out for the juniors as they met down by the Delaware River for photos before heading off to the prom.

Granddaughter Julia is finishing up her finals and will be heading home from Albright College early next week.

I drove up yesterday to bring her suitcases. She had a fabulous year and I am so proud of her. Hopefully she doesn’t work to hard over the summer and takes some time to relax and have fun. Granddaughter Allyson finished her Junior year at Neumann University last week. How is it possible she’ll be a senior next year? We are so proud of her too. Both girls seem to be leaning towards psychology (my major) so I’m all squishy about that.

Finally I finished the 80-page-book proposal I’ve been working on for 3-weeks.  So relieved it’s done!


Thursday was spent cleaning up a flood at the Family Promise Day Center.

Family Promise is a national organization that supports homeless families.

This is my second year as a board member. My second book, The Stranger in My Recliner is the true story of Sophie, an 80-year-old homeless woman my husband brought home one night. She stayed with us for three-years.
I promised Sophie I would tell her story and that I would become involved with helping people who find themselves homeless.

The publisher had issues and that book wasn’t produced well. I was so disappointed and felt like I let Sophie down. That publisher went out of business. Over the past few months I’ve worked with an editor and I’m hoping to have great news about the book soon.

The weather.

Mother nature didn’t get the April showers bring May flowers memo. Hello, it’s May 10th and it’s still raining!
We’re driving out to Erie, Pa. this weekend to visit a dear friend who is battling cancer. It’s 10 degrees (at least) cooler out there and the forecast is rain. Ugh.

Another pipe broke at the Family Promise Shelter.

Do you ever feel like you are fighting a losing battle? How do you stay positive and #keepmovingforward when it seems impossible?


Hand’s down the best thing I had to eat this week was a Full Spirited Flavors cake.

Three sisters (Carole, Sue & Kathy) always talked about starting a food business together. Carole, with three cold martini’s (shaken not stirred) told Sue and Kathy that the time for talk was over. She announced,

“We’re in our fifties and now is the time for us to do it.” Being full spirited ladies, a rocky economy in 2009 did not scare them, in fact they figured what better time to pursue their dream of working together.

They introduced Sue’s amazing Amaretto Cake and the rest is yummy history! Visit their website, order this cake. It is amazing! The ladies are quite amazing too, each of them fabulous and such an inspiration.

Why is Annmarie Kelly known as the mother of Modern- Day Marriage?

Her book; The 5-Year Marriage is the perfect gift for any couple contemplating marriage or any married couple.

Is marriage dead?

If it is, it’s because too many couples are frustrated by and disillusioned with the empty promises of old-school, traditional marriage.
If it isn’t, it’s because – down deep – most of us genuinely crave the connection and true intimacy that marriage promises.
The Five-Year Marriage bridges the gap between disappointment and satisfaction. It’s a paradigm shift away from the sentencing-style demands of “until death do us part” and toward to a new design that enables couples to make sense of the marriage commitment within this ever-changing world.
In the Five-Year Marriage, you’ll discover:
· What it means to live a Five-Year Marriage
· What it takes to be a good Five-Year Marriage Partner
· How to get your Five-Year Marriage started
· What to include in your Five-Year Marriage contract
· Ways to help you stick to your Five-Year Marriage agreements
· Tips for renegotiating your Five-Year Marriage contract
· and much more!
The Five-Year Marriage is a game-changer!

Have a blessed weekend and a better week,

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