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Writing Wednesday

Wednesday is the day I share what I’ve learned on my journey from writing, publication, marketing; and doing it all again, and again. The kind of information I wish someone shared with me back when.

Staying Motivated

Summer is coming and while its my favorite season I also dread how unproductive I become when it comes to my writing. Spending time at the beach helps, it’s my favorite place to write but its also my favorite place to rest and daydream. This summer is going to be different; I have deadlines! Three big ones. What I need is a plan and a few extra doses of motivation.

Before I was a fulltime writer I would wake up an hour earlier to write and I’d write for another hour before bed. Those two hours were always so productive because it was all I had.

Now I seem to have a daily battle with procrastination.

Writing is a common dream. While it’s a dream for many only a few succeed. Those that ultimately succeed aren’t always the most talented. They are the ones that take their writing seriously and most importantly, they never quit.

Winning that daily battle isn’t always easy. These tips helped me, and I hope they help you.

Start with an action plan that includes goals & realistic deadlines.

Have you written a proposal or a business plan for your book? These are usually done for nonfiction books, but they can be helpful for fiction work as well.

Carve out uninterrupted time for your work.

You must think of your writing as work. Also consider that time is money and the longer it takes you to write that book the less money you’ve made (think hourly.) If you can’t commit to writing every day, consider weekly writing goals. Whatever you decide on what’s important is consistency. Create a writing ritual. This could be a special snack or drink, a soundtrack or complete silence. Figure out what works for you and make it a habit.

Remove distractions.

Put your phone on airplane mode and put it in another room. It’s okay to take hourly breaks to check messages but while you’re writing, you need to write. If you come to a place in your manuscript that requires research, make a note. Research can become a time sucking rabbit hole. Schedule specific times for research.

Try not to edit while you write.

This is hard for many, including me but try. What’s important is to get a first draft done, finished, complete even if its crappy. Editing is another phase.

Find some competition.

Writing groups are amazing places to find motivation and inspiration. Let’s face it, who knows more what we’re going through than other writers. Challenge and support each other and celebrate one another’s successes.

Make your family understand.

If you’ve carved out specific times for writing it’s important that your family understands how serious you take your writing and that they cannot interrupt you.

Always expect something wonderful to happen.

Keep a notebook, and a pen with you always. Ideas and solutions to plot problems will come to you at the craziest of times. For me it’s either while I’m driving, in the shower or sleeping.

Give yourself a break.

Balance is the answer to a lot of life’s problems. Writing is sedentary work and being still for long periods isn’t healthy. Take frequent breaks to exercise, eat and spend time with family and friends. Hang out on social media with other writers. Check out the insecure writers support group web site and blog, #WritingCommunity on Twitter and #witersofig on Instagram. Feel free to ask for advise or to lend support!

Do you have any motivation advice?

Happy writing,

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