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Optional Question this Month:

How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write historical fiction. Working as a journalist for many years I had little time to write for myself. However, I did compile mass piles of notes, in notebooks.

A year after my brother was murdered in a random road rage attack my daughter was reading through my journal and asked me to make that my first book.

Writing a memoir was never part of my plan. I thought about it, spoke with my family and decided the story had to be told.

My baby brother, David.

It was difficult to write and I had to take mental health breaks. Although I sat through every court proceeding and the trial, going through court transcripts there was so much that happened behind the scenes that I wasn’t aware of.

The process was heartbreaking but the end result was healing.

While I was writing that book my husband came across a homeless woman.

She fell in front of him one night. Not knowing what to do with her, he brought her home. When the 80-year-old frail woman walked through my front door, I knew my life would be changed forever and it was. Sophie lived with us for 3-years and begged me to write her story the entire time. Another memoir was born.

Sophie, the Stranger in my Recliner.

My husband asked me to tell his son’s story. John died of suicide at 17.

I agreed 100% this story needs to be told.

The numbers of teen and veteran suicide is unacceptable and needs to be talked about. This 3rd memoir is 75% written. As difficult as the story is to tell, it feels extremely important.

So yes; major life events have absolutely affected my writing and most definitely has helped me not only get through but have helped me and other family members to heal. The most important thing for me in telling these stories is the comforting feeling of knowing our loved ones will never be forgotten.

Last month I started an outline for a historical fiction series. I am so excited!

Please say a quick prayer that nothing traumatic happens in my life in the meantime.

Happy writing everyone,


8 Responses to “Major Life Events & Writing #IWSG”

  • I’m so glad each of those people had you to tell their stories. You’ve led a full life.

  • Pamela Meyers-Liberi:

    Dearest Doreen,
    I’m in awe of you! What you’re doing with your amazing writing is such a magical gift to all of us!
    You inspire me to write a book~
    Thank you for all that you do! For being the wondrous YOU!

    Please take care….
    Love and hugs,

  • Wow! You and your family have experienced such tragedy. My heart goes out to you all. I got teary-eyed reading how writing memoirs has helped you and your loved ones with the healing process.

  • You certainly tackle tough subjects to write about. I’m sorry about your brother. Saying a prayer for him. (((Hugs)))

  • I think you’ve had enough traumatic events to last a lifetime, Doreen. My heart goes out to you. What happened to your brother was so terrible.

    Good luck with the historical fiction series. I’ll be here, cheering you on.

  • Wow – those will be powerful stories. It is so incredibly difficult to write something this close and heartfelt, but I agree that the writing helps me cope. (I’ve got an almost finished dementia memoir/self-help book in the works)
    Take care & I hope you can get to that historical fiction!

  • Doreen, it sounds like your life/writing journey has taken you along different paths and to different places, as well as affording you many different and varied experiences. How interesting.
    And yes, writing is hard. That picture says it all.
    Hope you’re well.

  • Doreen, what incredible works! I started a memoir about my special needs brother, but like you, I’ve had to take numerous breaks. It’s difficult to write.

    I’m hoping you are able to get to your historical fiction series soon!

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