Gosnell the Movie…

Gosnell the Movie manages to be compelling without being gruesome. If you have a pulse, you’ll feel something powerful…

The Gosnell Movie is not about abortion nor is it religious or political. In fact the original criminal case against the doctor was focused on drugs. He was running a pill mill. While searching his office Philadelphia detectives along with the FBI discovered full-term dead babies in bags and baby body parts in jars and milk cartons. They also discovered a woman in distress.

This movie is about women’s health care and a prolific serial killer.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Kermit Gosnell ran a women’s health clinic in West Philadelphia. Except for a period of a few years during the 70’s when he hid out on an island somewhere after several women under his care had to be hospitalized after he used an experimental device on them and they hemorrhaged. One needed a hysterectomy.
He returned to Philadelphia and under the radar got back to work alleviating women of their unwanted pregnancies.
Earl Billings is brilliant in the role of Dr. Gosnell. He captured the sometimes, chilling sociopath and sometimes charming old man character perfectly.

Sarah Jane Morris as Lexy the pro-choice assistant district attorney is Oscar worthy as she sits in the audience among smiling parent’s, at her daughter’s piano recital and receives video evidence from one of Dr. Gosnell’s young employees.

The bulk of the movie features the trial. The movie isn’t gruesome, but it does get it’s point across which is Dr. Kermit Gosnell endangered the lives of hundreds, even thousands of women by using barbaric methods to perform abortions well past the legal gestational age. Babies that were born alive were killed.
His large multi-level office was filthy. Cats roamed freely and bio waste lined the hallways. Equipment was reused without being sterilized.

Inspections were done and failed. The health department never followed up. Conservative governor, Tom Ridge instructed the health department to stop inspecting abortion clinics.

This movie is good and the acting is superb. If you have a pulse you will be moved in some way.
If there’s one hot button topic politicians on both sides can count on to divide voters, its abortion. Every election cycle it’s a guaranteed motivator to get women on both sides to the polls.

Brilliant women fall for this every time and it confuses me. They preach that the right to choose is all about women’s health care. I’m confused because there is nothing about a late term abortion that is “healthy” for any woman. It’s dangerous.

If you truly cared about women and their healthcare, it seems to me you would want these clinics highly regulated. You would want the clinic to be clean and sterile. You would want all employees dealing with medication, anesthesia and performing procedures to be trained and certified.

I can only hope that anyone with a pulse, no matter what their religious or political views would believe that taking scissors to the spine of an infant born alive is murder.

It should be noted that Bucks County Courier Times award-winning journalist, JD Mullane tweeted a photo of empty seats in the courtroom during the trial, shaming the media for not covering the story. If he hadn’t shared that photo I doubt there would be a movie. His part in the movie is played by Cyrina Fiallo who portrays blogger Molly Mullaney.

Dean Cain is Detective James “Woody” Wood.
Michael Beach – Dan Molinari
Nick Searcy is the director, and also plays liberal defense attorney Mike Cohan.
AlonZo Rachel is Detective Stark, Woody’s partner.
Dominique Deon is excellent in her premiere movie part as Gosnell’s young employee.
Kermit Gosnell was found guilty on three counts of the first degree murder of three babies, and of negligent homicide in the death of Karnamaya Mongar during an illegal late term abortion. He was sentenced to life with no chance of parole.

See the movie, take anyone over 13 to see it. Talk about it.

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