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I’m sorry September it isn’t personal.

No matter how hard I try to keep from getting behind in my writing over the summer, I get behind. Every year on September 1, I feel anxious, overwhelmed and like a failure.

I do feel all of those things today but I’m also giving myself a big fat pass.

It occurred to me yesterday that while I was sitting on the beach a few weeks ago I had the best ideas for a novel I’ve been outlining for a few months. The characters, scenes and location came to me so easily. Of course I didn’t write any of it down. I do remember most of it and if I get stuck I think I’ll head back to the beach with a notebook or at least my phone this time.

What was different about that beach visit on that day was I completely unplugged for the entire day.

My husband and I both left our phones behind. We talked, napped and daydreamed. I realize now that we both desperately needed that break. Moving forward I’m going to consider the summer my charger. It will be time well wasted. I will however make a point of carrying an old fashioned pen and notebook wherever I go.

Once we got in the car to head home both of our voicemails were full.

Our grandson (15), who lives with us and did not want to go to the beach that day broke his bedroom doorknob and got trapped in his room, my husband who works at a car dealership had issues with a vehicle delivery that didn’t go well and a publisher I work with needed an immediate answer about an illustration for one of my clients books.

We wanted to scream.

One by one we called everyone. My husband’s delivery issue was handled satisfactorily by a coworker. Our grandson called a relative that lives close by and was rescued (but shut the door and was trapped again,) and the publisher called the illustrator. What a relief to be able to laugh about all the drama we missed.

Do you take time to recharge your creative batteries? Do you feel guilty when you do?

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One Response to “I’m Sorry September…”

  • I am never tied to my phone, but if I don’t have my daily internet I’m done for and wounded. 🙂 You can imagine the remarks I got when I didn’t answer phone calls the minute people called me. Overtime, most understood that their emergency probably wasn’t mine–except for my kids. There’s are. What I have found is that most “emergencies” will work out with or without me.

    Thanks for visiting me!!!!


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