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March 7th Question: How do you celebrate when you achieve a writing goal/finish a story?

I do my best writing in the early morning hours. I’ve been struggling all winter with getting up when the alarm goes off and I’m seriously behind because of my snoozing. Last week I started facilitating a Resisting Happiness four-week-book study. The first sentence of the book basically says you can hit the snooze button and roll over, getting back to your dreams or you can get up and get busy making those dreams come true.

My book is titled Realize Your Writing Dreams. Did I need to read that book or what? I decided to give up my snooze button for lent and as hard as it still is to get out from under those covers I’ve been waking up on my own before the alarm goes off.

Once lent is over and this manuscript is finished I am going to celebrate by sleeping in for a week; only a week and then I’ll go right back to getting up with the sun.

I’ll probably celebrate by actually eating at the table with my family like a grown-up. When I’m in that writing zone I don’t like to stop not even for meals.

I’m really look forward to celebrating by reading a good book; seeing a good movie and a concert too!

If I’m being completely honest I’ll most likely celebrate by outlining my next project.

How do you celebrate? Do you struggle with resistance?

Happy Writing!


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6 Responses to “Writers Resistance…”

  • I wish I could sleep in! I try really hard, but I’m so conditioned to getting up early every day for work. Plus the fur baby needs to go out. LOL. Some day when I retire I will sleep in every day.

    I don’t celebrate accomplishments, I just move on to the next thing. Huh. I might have to remedy that! Happy Writing!

  • Enjoy catching up on your sleep!

  • Hopefully you do catch up on your sleep when it’s over. Sunday will hurt as that’s when we also lose an hour.

  • I am so not a morning person. Congrats on keeping your commitment to get up early!

  • Diane Burton:

    Doreen, it is so nice to stay under the covers. It’s warm and comfy. But, as you say, that’s not getting any writing done. You should celebrate once lent is over. Sleeping in sounds like a great way.

  • Enjoy normal life on Easter Day. I do understand where you’re coming from. Sometimes I wonder what normal people do with themselves.

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