It’s #MusicMonday featuring Codie Prevost…

All of my memories are filled with music. It’s like the sound is woven through each of them, holding them together. Without warning a song will come on the radio and I am instantly tearing up thinking of a lost loved one or the night I met my husband. I married a music man who has a song for every one of his memories, a basement full of 45’s, albums, cassettes and cd’s.  He is my own personal DJ.

My #MusicMonday posts will include interviews and music from new and veteran artists from all genres of music as well as the people that bring that music to us. I will also share music that has meant the most to me throughout my life.


This week I want to introduce you to Canadian country music sensation, Codie Prevost. Codie has been nominated for and has won dozens of awards including the Canadian Country Music Awards. He grew up on a 2000 acre farm in a small (300 people- very small.)

His first band played covers of their favorite punk bands like Goldfinger and Greenday. Codie developed his calloused fingers performing every weekend in bars and entering talent competitions. It was after one of those competitions he met his manager, Al Leblanc.

The two put together a five-year plan and haven’t looked back. Codie headed to Nashville to record an album and the awards continued. He won the award for Best Country Song from the Independent Music Awards and he was also nominated for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award. He’s won awards at the Saskatchewan Country Music Association including Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year.

This past year has been a big one for Codie. He’s opened for Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, Big and Rich. He began a tour with fellow artist Stephen Maguire called “Imagine No Bullying.” Codie, Stephen, and the Canadian Red Cross go from school to school playing music and speaking with kids in an attempt to bring bullying to an end. The proceeds go to the Red Cross.

I predict Codie is about to take the United States, Nashville and Country music by storm. I hope you enjoy this humble farm boy and his music as much as I do.

Interview Questions

DM-Where did you grow up and do you have siblings?

CP-I grew up on a farm just outside of Archerwill, Saskatchewan, Canada. I have two sisters and I’m the middle child.

DM-Did you grow up in a home that promoted reading, writing or music?

CP-My mom and uncle would play acoustic guitar and sing at family events. This inspired me to eventually pick up the guitar and start singing. My mom would always have music playing during the holidays and my sister was a member of Columbia House, which was a music distribution service that allowed her to have new music delivered to the farm every month.

DM-What instruments do you play and when did you start?

CP-I play guitar and harmonica. I started playing Harmonica as a part of art class in High School. It was definitely my favorite part of the art class. I started guitar around 14 and started writing my first songs when I was 16.

Have a Listen:

DM- At what moment, did you know country music was your future?

CP-I started in a punk rock band in high school. We performed every recess and spare class we got. I had saved up some money from working on road construction with plans of buying a new electric guitar. A close uncle of mine who loved country music passed away suddenly and my family and I travelled to Calgary to attend the funeral. On that trip I went into Music Centre Canada and ended up purchasing my first acoustic guitar instead of an electric. I returned home and learned Folsom Prison Blues and I never looked back.

DM-You have already accomplished so much, such as opening for Florida-Georgia Line, Big and Rich, Emerson Drive, and other big names. If you could choose an ‘old-school’ dream tour, what artist or band would you share the stage with and who would be on your present-day dream tour (any genre)?

CP-I would love to share the stage with Keith Urban. I’ve always said that Keith is one of the best performers/artists all around and a great role model. I would love the opportunity to learn from him. [DMHe is my favorite too and his wife, Nicole Kidman is in my town filming a movie. I’m stalking the restaurants!]

Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

DM-What is “The Imagine No Bullying Tour?”

CP-It’s a tour in support of the anti-bullying initiative. The main goal is to create awareness in communities and try to minimize the amount of bullying that takes place. The initiative was started by my good friend Stephen Maguire and then expanded on with the help of the Canadian Red Cross. It’s a tour that I’m very proud to be a part of.

DM-Do you write music and lyrics and if so what is your process?

CP-Yes, I write lots of my own songs. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I usually sit down and start by finding a melody. I do a lot of co-writing as well and find it works well to have two minds to feed the song. I’m very strong at coming up with melodies so I love to work with great lyricists to create the best songs possible.

DM- Congratulations on expecting your second child in May. I imagine with having a young family you need to be more creative with your schedule. Does your family travel with you?

CP-From time to time they do travel and come to shows. It is difficult though as when I’m on the road it is to do work and it can be very busy with interviews, shows, setups, and travelling. I have been fortunate to be touring in Australia the past couple years. We are going to work it out so we can also plan a family trip in the near future!

DM- Do you have any plans to perform/tour in America?

CP-Yes, it’s been one of my major goals to start touring in the US more. I have made a lot of fans through use of the Internet and want to get there to visit them all very soon.

DM-What was recording your album in Nashville like?

CP-It was a surreal experience. I remember walking into the studio and seeing gold and platinum albums on the wall from Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, and many others. I could not believe I was working in the same studio. The musicians were world class. It was unbelievable and a huge opportunity for me as an artist to know what level of excellence to strive for.

DM-What is your favorite hometown place to eat and what is on the menu?

CP- There was a local restaurant that served Chinese cuisine. I would always order fries, gravy, and cheese and it was the best poutine I’ve ever had. Still miss it to this day. [DM-I had to look up poutine. Its not a Philly thing but I can’t wait to try it!]

DM-What was the last book you read? Last movie you saw?

CP-The last book I read was about trading stocks. I’ve found that I have a passion for this field over the past couple years. Last movie I saw was Masterminds a new comedy movie.


Please visit Codie’s website to sample some of his music and I hope you will call your local stations and request his songs.


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