Keep It Kind…

Keep It Kind

A couple of years ago around this time of year I challenged myself to make it through one week without thinking, saying or doing anything unkind. The challenge also included performing at least one random act of kindness per day.

The reason I entered that challenge was because I was full of anxiety and upset with people that were preaching and peddling kindness but only with those that agreed with and thought like them. Basically that meant only when it was easy for them to be kind.


The last several elections have taken a toll on civility. It’s been horrifying to witness let alone getting caught up in listening to and actually becoming victim to women of all political views spewing their hateful vitriol at each other because they disagreed on issues and candidates.

I thought these women sounded ridiculous at first and then I realized they were actually just text- book mean. Back then I decided to just keep quiet. I didn’t want to be like that. I would rather just be quiet if I didn’t have something intelligent to say in a nice way.


It all sounded so easy? Not so much. The saying and doing wasn’t hard but boy oh boy the stinking thinking got me for months. 3 months, to be exact. That’s how long it took me to get through one-full week without thinking or acting unkind.

I’m glad I stuck with it because eventually it became a habit. I continued to challenge myself by adding extra random acts. The actions got easier as the months went by and the swirling sewer of election season yuck passed.

Then this cycle happened. Not only did I jump in to the sewer this time around I decided to work for a campaign. There was no hiding which side of the aisle I stood, I was out!


Suddenly I found myself thrust back into the seventh grade where the mean girls were talking behind my back, giggling and plotting not to be friends with me anymore. I was hurt and trying to think of ways to make them like me again.

We were inexcusably the worst examples of women lifting each other up and respecting one another’s views to younger women and especially to our little girls, it is embarrassing and wrong. We owe each and every one of them an apology and more positive examples of how we treat one another.


After shaking myself good and hard I’m done whining, writing and whispering about all of that ugliness.

I decided I need a redo on this old kindness challenge.

So for the next thirty-days and hopefully with all good intentions, for the rest of my life I am diving into that kindness challenge once again.

I wonder how long it will take me to get through one day of not thinking of, saying or doing anything unkind this time.


How about you? Want to join me? How long would it take you?

Remember kindness is an action you actually have to do or say something.

Keep it Kind,



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6 Responses to “Keep It Kind…”

  • Doreen – I read Carol’s name as I typed this and my brain did it’s midlife nuttines and I typed her name instead of yours in my comment – deepest apologies – I need a coffee!

  • I love this idea Carol – it sounds so simple but when my default reaction is cynicism then I can see me failing regularly. I wrote about not sucking the joy out of the room today and I think these two things go hand in hand – the world needs all the positivity we can put back into it!

  • This election has really taken its toll on everyone. I try to stay calm…and I do okay – until I read or hear the latest news. Still quite a see-saw…hard to keep my emotions in check!

  • Well, thank God the election is over now. I think we all need a stiff drink and some good cheer. Maybe two or three stiff drinks.

  • Sue:

    A great idea but not as easy as it sounds. Love the quote on your windscreen. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • I have a broader definition of kindness and it has to do with political fairness, truth, and inclusiveness. It’s a bit different.

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