Unselfishly Uplifting…

For the month of April I am participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. You can learn more about the challenge here:

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My theme for this year’s challenge is Keep Moving Forward.

It’s hard to believe we are already up to the letter U!

Unselfishly Uplifting

Last weekend I attended a conference for midlife bloggers. #BAMC16. Imagine that, there are so many midlife women blogging that they have their own conference!

The conference was held in Nashville last year and this year in Las Vegas. This was my first visit to the city so I had no idea what to think.

As my travel and roommate, Barbara Hammond explains here, our travel got off to an unexpected stop: http://www.zeroto60andbeyond.com/what-happens-in-vegas-bam16/

Once we safely landed in the Vegas airport, like good writers we stopped in the first library we saw.

BAMC16 Library Receit

We met up with the beautiful Beth Ann Chiles and shared our first Uber ride together. The hotel texted to welcome us before we even arrived. Our driver Aron delivered us to the gorgeous J.W. Marriott in style.

We checked in, made sure my books had been delivered, found our fabulous room, changed and headed down to the Irish Pub for a meeting with the 3 women I was scheduled to be on a panel with. Candace Karu http://candacekaru.com/  Valerie Albarda http://www.midlifeagogo.com/ Pam Luttrell http://www.over50feeling40.com/

BAMC16 Panel

Our panel discussion was on blogging and business. We discussed how we started blogging at midlife and were able to turn our blogging into successful businesses.

As shown by the caliber of sponsors, midlife women have a lot of buying power and a ton of influence! We have stood up to live, are writing about it and most importantly we are unselfishly uplifting one another. If only we could have learned to do that in middle school…

The swag from these sponsors was fantastic and I will be writing more about them real soon!

#Nissan; #Zappos; #Chico’s; #Boiron; #Osteo #Bi-Flex; #MotherHen; #domain.me; #Vibrant Nation; #MadisonReed; #Feedblitz; #Galderma; #Prudential; #John Hancock; #Lincoln Financial Group and #CabotCheese

A huge congratulations and thank you to the founders of #MidlifeBoulevard , the #WomenofMidlifeFacebookGroup and their #BAMC16 staff! I am already looking forward to #BAMC17

BAMC16 team


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