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I think I am finally caught up with writing my posts now I can move on to my favorite part of the challenge, visiting reading and commenting on the other participant’s posts!

My theme this year is Keep Moving Forward and that is something I have had to remind myself to do all week. It’s been one of those weeks where nothing seems to be going right.

One of my goals this year was to start a schedule and to use it. So far I am doing well with adding events to that schedule and adding as many details about the event as I can. I’ve created a habit of checking my schedule several times a day and writing short to do lists a few hours before bed each night.


My life has been so much less stressful and I am becoming more successful because I am prepared and on time.

Sometimes however the best laid plans can be tossed out the window when things happen you have no control over.

We planned a workshop for tomorrow six-months ago. Two of our panelist had to cancel, one is extremely ill and the other had a family emergency.

I wanted to get upset, even angry but that would only cause me to get stuck in fear and frustration and I would not be able to solve the problem, effectively.

The two panelists we have will be fabulous and our workshop will be a success. There will be donuts and donuts make everyone happy!

How do you manage to keep mindful and keep moving forward when things seem to spiral out of your control?




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  • I think whatever tool you use to schedule things it needs to be someplace that you will check every day. For me it’s my phone. I have a smartphone with features that allow me to keep notes…and reminders. Thanks for posting 🙂

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