Is Gratitude becoming Cliche’ ?

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My theme this year is Keep Moving Forward.

Today’s letter is G and the word is Gratitude

It seems like every social media site, talk show, magazine etc… is writing or talking about gratitude lately. It’s all good though because not enough people realize that saying thank you is not the same thing as being grateful. Gratitude is about showing appreciation and returning a kindness. It is an emotion followed by an action.

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Research is now consistently showing that people who practice an attitude of gratitude are reporting *health benefits such as:

  • Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure
  • Higher levels of positive emotions
  • More joy, optimism and happiness

You may be thinking what I’ve thought so many times in my life, “How am I supposed to be grateful when I’m so sad?” It’s not easy but I can promise it will be worth it.

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Start small. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, say thank you to your God or whoever/whatever you honor and promise to do one kind thing that day in appreciation for your life. Promise to look for one positive thing in your life and then another. Being even a tiny bit grateful will move you a tiny bit forward and that is so much better than being stuck. When you are feeling better expand on your list. The simple practice of waking up and being immediately grateful will eventually become a habit and before you know it you will be living a grateful life.

What little actions can you do to show appreciation?

  • Send an actual thank- you card
  • Share the social media posts of the person you are grateful too
  • Recommend their business to others

When you’ve done something kind for someone and they ask, “What can I do to thank you?” Give them an answer. It is most likely they are grateful to you and honestly want to do something, don’t take that away from them.

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13 Responses to “Is Gratitude becoming Cliche’ ?”

  • Such a lovely post!

  • Gratitude never grows old. And I wonder if so many folks online talk and write about it because it’s something we all know that we possibly aren’t grateful enough. Maybe? I try to continually be grateful for this and that, but I know I could be more so, considering my many blessings (despite many losses, much sadness and continual challenges).

    Great post, Doreen!

  • To me gratitude is sort of like the flip side of compassion. It is such a deep and resonate emotional upwelling. Sometimes I too wonder about gratitude being treated like a meme.

  • Ella:

    I did this G, too! I hope not…it just seems we are trying to capture it perhaps in different ways~ Nicely done!

  • Thank you for mentioning those little things we can do to pay it forward. It takes little effort to click that share button, or send a message to someone promoting a friend’s work or classes. Maybe the word gratitude is getting overused, but it will never be out of style.

  • kindness and gratitude go hand in hand and I think they are key to making this world a better place – and the bonus is that we benefit from them too – it makes us happier when we appreciate what we have in life and pass some of that on to others.

  • I really love this theme–and this post in particular. I think gratitude is a cliche when it’s just a word. Thank you so much for sharing some ways to get started on the road to gratitude. Practice makes perfect! ♥

  • Thanks Doreen for the reminder. It’s true that while I often say thank you to my God, I don’t thank others in my life often enough. And to you I am grateful for so many things, so many shared events that have brightened my life, and most of all for your friendship.

  • Fran:

    A great choice of word and we sometimes need to be reminded that showing gratitude is so important and a two way street! Thanks for sharing.
    Writing Women’s Fiction

  • Gratitude is something I try to keep at the front of my mind at all times. I have so many things to be grateful for and am grateful for so many things. Great post! Visiting from atoz

  • When our house flooded, I actually thought at least all of my loved ones were safe and healthy. I have a habit of always looking at the bright side of things. It annoys people!

  • Joan:

    Indeed, gratitude is not easy but it is indeed worth it!

  • sue:

    Hi Doreen – great minds think alike – I wrote about Gratitude today. I hope it isn’t becoming a cliche. Like so many things today words get bandied about without people really taking the time to understand the true meaning. I love the idea of the thank-you card – I think that is becoming a lost tradition.

    Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

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