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During the month of April I am participating in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. More information on the challenge can be found here:

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My theme this year is Keep Moving Forward

Today’s letter is I


 I would describe Inspiration as an action, a power that we have and can use for ourselves. We can also share it with others.  It is the power to dream and then move forward.

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Have you ever been stuck, unable to achieve a goal, struggling to move on from a painful life event and had someone genuinely care enough about you that you didn’t want to disappoint them so you took a step forward? That need to make a change is inspiration.

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If you are lacking the inspiration to move forward in your own life the best way to get inspiration is to give it. Seriously, inspire others and you will find that inspiration is contagious.

How can you inspire others?

  • Enthusiastically listen to their plans and give only positive constructive criticism. Remember it’s their dream not yours.
  • Share your knowledge with someone that wants to learn. Stop worrying about competition and start connecting.
  • Celebrate even the tiniest of their successes.
  • Encourage them to change the plan not their goal when things don’t go perfectly.
  • Let them know you expect and are counting on them to succeed. Most people will work harder if they know someone believes in them.

What has someone done for you that inspired you to try one more time?

I am on the best A-Z team ever!

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4 Responses to “Inspiration Please…”

  • sue:

    I agree that inspiring others helps us find inspiration. Great list Doreen I’m all about trying to encourage and inspire others to be the best you can be.Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

  • Great advice! I’m seeing so many positive, uplifting posts today, it makes me happy! I don’t know if anyone has ever done anything that inspired me to keep trying but I see things every day that convince me that writing is exactly what I should be doing.

  • Inspiring others is a great idea. I’m also fond of inspirational quotes.

    Yvonne V

  • I love your list—inspiring others helps inspiration come ! Totally agree. I have a couple of other bloggers I follow who are doing this A to Z challenge. What a great idea!

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