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My theme this year is Keep Moving Forward…
Today’s letter is:

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When I’m feeling stuck I have a difficult time with determination. In that situation it is so easy to just give up. As I get older and I like to dream that I’m getting wiser, I realize you never know if the next try would have gotten me to my goal and remembering that gives me the little push of determination I need to keep moving forward.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.
Mario Andretti

  • Associate with determined people. Their determination will rub off on you, if you let it.
  • Don’t over think.
  • Determine your goal, develop a plan and go for it.
  • Imagine reaching your goal, often!
  • Never ever give up. Change the plan if you must but keep moving forward.


Quotes Goals change the plan not the goal

5 Responses to “Determination…”

  • I love the idea of imagining that you reached your goal. If we can see it, even in our minds eye, it makes us more determined to get there. Good luck on the rest of the challenge! We’re doing “I’ve Got The Music In Me” this year on The Road We’ve Shared. – looking at how important music is in the Down syndrome community. I hope you’ll stop by and see/hear!

  • seena:

    Hi there,

    Great word for D. Love the idea about changing the plan and not the goal. Associating with positive and determined people really helps to change for the better!

    #AtoZChallenge- F is for Free Advice

  • One of my favorite words–all variations of it. I use it so much, I have to edit it out sometimes 🙂

    Pioneer Women in Aviation A-Z

  • Great post! Determination can be quite tough sometimes, but I think that you have really hit the nail on the head, especially with that last bullet point! Change the plan if you need to, but keep moving forward! Sometimes I think we see ourselves as failures if we don’t accomplish things exactly when and how we want to. Really though as long as we are moving forward, that is what counts, right?

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