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Welcome to Letter B! B is the best letter because it’s the beginning of some very great words like BOOK! And that’s what I, as your Challenge Librarian will be bringing you. Books, books, and more books! I’ve got a book for everyone! Breakdown by Jonathan Kellerman Both are murder mystery books to get your heart racing.

My theme this year is:


Today’s letter is B


To believe means to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something without absolute proof that one is right in doing so. Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully.

Only if one believes in something can one act purposefully. It sounds so simple but if you do not believe that your dream can actually come to fruition, it won’t. If you do not believe you will ever find ‘the one,’ you won’t. If you do not believe you will beat the odds and get well, you won’t. It sounds simple but what does it take to really believe?

What is it that makes someone believe 100% in a God or believe 100% that a God does not exist?

What makes someone believe in themselves? I am sure it has everything to do with how we were raised and what our individual stories are. We should always keep that in mind before forming an opinion about another or their beliefs.

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What I do know is, it is impossible to move on or to move forward successfully if you do not believe in yourself.

As writers we have to believe that although we receive many, many rejections that we will overcome them and eventually be accepted if we work hard and continue to improve our craft.

Erasing self-doubt isn’t easy but it is essential if you are going to move forward. What can you do to hasten the erasing?

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Seek them out. You don’t have to make a big deal of throwing negative people out of your life just gravitate towards people who are more supportive of you and your dreams and away from those who are not. Some people will never be for you no matter what, accept that and move on.
  • Don’t read, watch or listen to things that are going to upset you. If you abhor the Donald, don’t read, watch or listen to every single thing he says or does. If you abhor Hilary do the same. Scroll past, change the dial or read something else. If you believe what you believe nothing is going to change your mind. Why subject yourself to more than what you need to educate yourself and make a decision. Anything more than that is a waste of your time and keeps you from moving forward.
  •  Have you defined your beliefs, your values? Do you know where you want to be in a year? It is a lot easier to believe in yourself and to move forward if you know what your purpose is, if you know where you want to go and how you want to get there.
  • Practice! Teach yourself to be positive, you will be so much happier.
  • Learn to accept compliments and to stop apologizing. Smile all the time!

Keep Moving Forward,


This year I am proud to be part of AJ’s Team. She is an A-Z co-host and as a member of her team we help with whatever she may need!

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20 Responses to “Believe…”

  • My favorite in your list is “Practice! Teach yourself to be positive, you will be so much happier.” I’ve done this most of my life. Got lemons, make lemonade, as the saying goes.

    Pioneer Women in Aviation A-Z

  • Staying positive, surrounding yourself with positive people, so necessary to continue to hold a positive attitude. I have to agree with bullet #2, turn it off, tune it out and instead fill yourself up with things that bring you joy.

  • I loved this Doreen! My daughters have struggled with their direction in life the last few months. Every conversation centers around this theme. What do you want out of life? What’s important to you? How are you going to make it happen?

    My greatest hope is that they will define what they believe. Not just float on what I believe. I understand that they can only be happy and productive in life when they act on their own beliefs.

  • Believing in yourself is key to making every other belief possible. Good post.

  • Wonderful advice, it is so important to believe in yourself!

  • I love your theme and glad I found your post for B. Belief for me tends to come in little chunks that allows me to take tiny little steps forward and achieve things that others are always surprised by.

  • Great post Doreen. If we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to believe in us? Good luck in the challenge!

  • this has been the lesson I’ve been learning over the last few years – first thing above everything else is believing in your own worth. Those of us not brought up that way have to really work hard at finding that self acceptance and self confidence – but we’re getting there and watch out!
    Leanne @ cresting the hill

  • Josie Two Shoes:

    Some wonderful words of wisdom here! You are so right that we have to believe ~ possibility thinking! If you believe you can, you can! If you don’t think you can, you surely never will.

  • Believe/belief and faith are connected.

  • If I don’t believe, I can’t move forward, just backward.

  • Believing is important. Good luck on your challenge!

  • This one can be tough for me. Maybe you’ll talk more about it when we come to F = faith.
    I tend to want to be in control of my actions which makes it hard to let go and have faith / believe. So I try and visualise. “When I have achieved X or Y this is how I’m gonna celebrate”, kind of skipping the ifs and buts, you know?

  • Visiting on the 2nd day of the #Challenge. In my own writing I have used a favorite line from Peter Pan. “Clap your hands if you believe!” I think it corresponds to saying “yes” to life. I’m moving forward to check out more #Challenge blogs. I’ll be back. If you have time and an interest in hotels and inns, come join me.

  • Self-doubt is hard to overcome at times, but you have to keep trying. I like your advice about surrounding yourself with positive people and not listening to those that upset you.

    Cheers – Ellen |

  • Doreen, what great advice you have here! I love your choice of a theme. We all need to keep moving forward. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog today!

  • Self-belief needs constant practise.
    Surround yourself with positive people – very important.

  • Very good advice, and pointed. Belief is made of many components that reinforce each other.

  • Pat:

    Good advice. To believe in the face of adversity is the true test and to maintain hope in moments of despair is paramount. Thank you for this message which I especially needed to hear today.

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