Stolen Joy…

As we drove down Market Street, in Philadelphia I asked my husband John, “Do you see any signs that we are in the holiday season?” He looked around as we drove past one Drexel University building after another and he said no, not one.

University of Pennsylvania had nothing, 30th Street Station, not a tree in sight.  City Hall did not have one decoration hanging. Not a menorah, wreath, Happy Kwanza, Blessed Solstice just nothing.

It has been disappearing a little more each year but it hasn’t been this noticeable to me until this year.

Philly skyline

I was excited and looking forward to driving into the city with John for his cousin’s wedding. It was a late afternoon service and the reception didn’t start until five-o’clock. We hadn’t been in the city at nighttime, together for ages and we looked forward to the people, the bustle, the traffic and the lights.

Those Holiday lights that add sparkle to a city that is trying to rebound from hard times. Shoppers that are breathing winds of hope and renewing the faith of struggling shop owners. The smiles on everyone’s face’s because it is impossible not to feel happy when you are caught up in such festive beauty, or is it?

Christmas 2013

If Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Merry Kwanza or Happy Solstice upsets you I feel sorry for you because you are miserable and unhappy. I worry about what mental health issue has caused you to be so offended by another person’s happiness and I am also angry with you.

More than that I am angry with myself because you and your rights have stolen my rights and with them my joy and I let you do it.



18 Responses to “Stolen Joy…”

  • My daughter once asked St. Nick, aka Santa, for a draedel. Celebrations and happiness and chasing away the mid-Winter blues are all good things. We should just be nice to each other all the time. City decorations probably have more to do with budgets than bah-humbug.

  • It seems to me that if someone is wishing that you have a good day..then that is a friendly, and a thank you is in order. I don’t mind happy holidays..I don’t mind merry Christmas…I am appreciative when people are friendly.

  • I agree that we should celebrate everyone’s holidays but that does mean local parades should not be called Christmas parades, and it means that public Christmas trees should also be accompanied by menorahs and whatever else. Happy holidays to all!

  • Silly people just don’t get it do they. Celebration will do nothing but help us thrive. I guess, with all the politically correct garbage out there, we will just need to spread more joy of our own!

  • I second Carolann. I’m sick of everything being watered down (or eliminated) just to appease those who don’t agree with it or celebrate it. C’mon, people! Tolerance leads to joy; lack of it sucks the joy out of everything, for everyone. 🙁

  • All the PC going on in this country is madness! We cater way too much to those who we are afraid of offending. Everything seems to offend everyone lately! It’s insane! What will it be next? My neighbor’s shrub offends me because the shape of it remind me of a cross so therefore you must remove it? Yikes! It’s all craycray to me!

  • It’s sad to see how easily people become offended. Although I’m Jewish, I love Christmas. I listen to the beautiful music, enjoy all the decorations, the family and friends gatherings and such. And I do say Merry Christmas to people!!!

  • I don’t remember my colleges ever having outdoor decor, but inside was a different story. We Americans tend to go overboard with political correctness. Any celebration is good, but we also tend to go overboard with “our way is the only way”. It’s a pretty effed up thing. I saw some wonderful sights at the German Christmas markets and it was a far more festive way to celebrate holidays than our commercialism. But that’s another story.

  • I hope you don’t let anyone’s issues steal your joy, Doreen! There will always be people who hate, dislike, disagree, etc. The key is to keep the holiday season in your heart. I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. I wish I celebrated it! I love the lights, the trees and smell of them and the joy that most people feel in their hearts.

    If anyone invited me to celebrate or decorate with them I’m there! As a child I helped my best friend every year and we slept under the tree with the trains whizzing by us.

    Let’s celebrate joy!

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