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Half-Past Kissin’ Time

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Every August we say, can you believe it’s August already. It comes every year at the same time yet here I am asking the silly question, “Really August is half over today?” Finally, that long cold winter we had feels like it is in the past and I am not ready to start preparing for another one.


This morning after I have a (hopefully) quick visit to have the highly annoying sutures removed from my mouth, we will be loading up a van with five of our grandkids and heading south to Florida. We will be stopping about half way for some swimming, eating and sleeping. I am honestly not sure who is more excited John and I or the kids. I am not going to think about the end of summer or any stressor. I want to enjoy every minute with the kids. When I am old I want them to remind me of the good times we had together.

It was very difficult watching my husband react to Robin Williams’ death. His son, John died of suicide. The similarity in the details was horrifying. As hard as it is for our family to hear and read about, depression and suicide need to be talked and written about. The stigma needs to end.

If you have a child entering high school or college, please have the suicide talk with them no matter what. Make them sign a contract swearing that they will never ‘do it’ and if the thought even enters their mind they will immediately call you and accept help. Is it over dramatic? I don’t think so and I’m quite sure Robin Williams’ family and my husband will agree. Will it save everyone? I don’t know but if it saves your loved one the talk was worth it.

We are taking the kids to ZOOM Daytona. It is a zip-line park. One voice inside keeps telling me to go for it, climb those trees with the little ones. Another voice is saying umm have you lost your mind you don’t even like the merry-go-round. John said there was no way he was climbing trees in August in Florida but he did pack his sneakers.  Have you tried one of these adventures?

Zoom Air

To keep the ZOOM theme going we will also be visiting Kart City where we will race go karts, play some miniature golf and hopefully hit some home runs in the batting cages.

go kart city

I have a few conference calls and a bit of editing to do while we are away but nothing inspires me and feeds my creativity more than working by the waves.

That being said we will be by the water not in the water…

SharkShark tracking Katherine


Would you do this?

Rock Climb

I am hoping to read a lot of blog posts in between the “are we there yet questions” and the karaoke versions of Big Fat Butt and Beachin.

Have a blessed weekend,



3 Responses to “On the Road Again…”

  • What wonderful memories you will make!

    I hope your appointment went well. My stitches came out today, and I am now seeing what happens when I stop taking oxycontin; it’s not easy. I hope your health allows you to have the most fun ever!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

  • Judy:

    We took Robin William’s passing hard. We work with an organization that helps teenagers with suicidal thoughts – sashbear.org

  • Lori:

    A road trip – how fun! We went ziplining in Hawaii back in 2007 and it was a fantastic experience! If you’re up for it – definitely have the adventure. Hope you share you road trip stories when you get back – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Because it might get a little ugly cooped up in a car with 5 kids 🙂

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