Narcissistic Disorder


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 Today’s letter is the letter N

A-Z Letter N




Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Although this disorder is rare it seems we all know one.

This disorder is one in which the person will have a greatly inflated sense of their own importance, a need for constant admiration and no regard for other people’s feelings.

Behind the illusion of uber confidence and superiority lies a fragile self-esteem and a person who is vulnerable to the slightest amount of criticism.


Narcissistic Disorder causes the person to behave in social, work and school settings negatively which limits their ability to enjoy healthy relationships.

* Constant fantasizing about success, power and attractiveness

* Exaggerates accomplishments and talents

* Expects others to go along with and praise all plans and ideas

* Needs constant admiration

* Takes advantage of others

* Expresses hatred for those they feel are inferior

* Extreme jelousy

* Trouble keeping any type of relationship

* Easily hurt

*Appears tough minded and unemotional

*Sets unrealistic goals

* Monopolizes every conversation

If the narcissist does not receive the attention they feel they deserve they will react with rage, contempt and will attempt to belittle others to make themselves look better.


This disorder is rare and affects more men than women. It usually surfaces during the late teens but symptoms may occur sooner.

The exact cause is not known but most researchers believe that extreme parenting behaviors such as neglect, abuse, indulgent praise, unrealistic demands, excessive pampering, and high expectations are directly related.


Genetics may play a role.

Children who learn from their parent’s that vulnerability is unacceptable are at risk of losing their ability to emphasize with others.


There is no lab test to determine this disorder. A trained mental health professional will make a diagnosis based on a written evaluation and an interview.


Treatment is centered around psychotherapy. There are no medications that are effective in treating narcissistic disorder. This disorder is difficult to treat and can take several years. Drug/alcohol abuse and or depression can complicate treatment and need to be treated with, or simultaneously.

If the person sticks with therapy it is possible to repair damaged relationships and become happier with their lives.


I am full of ideas for creating characters centered around this disorder.

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