Stop Snowing Me, Saying Goodbye, Rude People and more…



I have missed Friday Fragments. What is Friday Fragments?  You will find out all about them and so much more here:

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After beating cancer, miraculously three times over the last three years my father died of pneumonia three weeks ago today. Thank you all so much for your prayers and healing thoughts over the past few years. You all really do make me smile.  I feel blessed to have had him for an extra three years and blessed that I spent that last week by his side talking, laughing and crying. I was able to say goodbye and for me that was comforting. I am going to miss him.

My friend, Joelle has been fighting a war with cancer for the last 19 months. She is in the hospital (DUKE) where they are trying to find some way to manage her pain. Your prayers and healing thoughts (#ibelieveinmiracles) for this young woman and her amazing family are so appreciated. You can learn more about just how amazing Joelle is here:

What a winter we are having in the Philadelphia area. Was I really complaining a few months ago about not having any snow??  I do love the snow don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I have had scheduled flights on the very day of every major snow storm this season (4). Seriously, what a test of patience.  I have to admit I was THAT person when US Airways lost my luggage for four days and then had a drunken man deliver to the hospital where I was visiting with my Dad. After lots of prayers for patience and Adivan I fared much better the next three trips.

While sitting on the runway in Philadelphia for more than an hour I started reading, Melissa Hopely’s The People you Meet in Real Life. It is a collection of real life stories ( and what stories, wow) from people she has crossed paths with in everyday life as well as her life as an advocate for ending the stigma surrounding mental health.  Melissa is a speaker for the Minding your Mind Organization, an actress, singer and the forward writer for my book Bristol boyz Stomp. The lovely Mariel Hemmingway wrote the forward for Melissa’s first book.

Book Cover The People you Meet

As I waited and waited and waited in the Atlanta Airport I managed to focus on and complete twenty-five-pages of editing.

I would like to say it was all my new found ability to practice patience but honestly a lot of the credit goes to Delta Airlines. While their customer service is not perfect it is hands down better. It is hard to lose patience with someone who is polite and honestly trying to help you verses US Airways employees who are just plain rude.

Who is watching #American Idol? The chemistry between the judges this year is pleasant to watch. The talent is there too. 

American Idol Judges

Finally I am doing something with two of my adult daughters and my 18-year-old granddaughter Allyson. They are going with me to the #Bethenny Show in New York. I am SO excited and already praying for NO snow that day!! I have really missed hanging out with my girls…

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Have a great weekend everyone. I will be working out of the house this weekend with elderly clients and guess what…more snow expected Saturday. Only 3-5 inches this time on top of 14.8, oh my !!




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