US Airways employees need sensitivity training but I don’t believe…


I do not believe in sensitivity training, it was that bad…

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Two weeks ago my Dad’s doctor discovered he had a malignant brain tumor. I left the next day to be with him and my Mom in Florida. The surgery was full of drama but the good news is the tumor was completely removed. He will have to have some radiation in a few weeks just to be sure and I believe I witnessed another miracle.  Then he went to a rehab facility which was supposed to be for maybe a week. The place turned out to be horrible and now he is back in ICU with pneumonia.  His doctors still believe he will make a full recovery.

US Airways was a total nightmare. I know they cannot do anything about the weather but yikes, their customer service is brutally lacking.

My sweet friend Joelle’s husband is FINALLY home from Afghanistan. She had a pet scan yesterday and must do more chemo. They are the most amazing family.  You can learn more about them here…

Please continue to keep my Dad, Joelle and her family in your prayers and/or good thoughts.

You know it’s bad when cancer societies are asking you to write posts for them.

With less than a week to go before Christmas I am cramming and I HATE not being prepared for the holidays?  American Girl has made my life a bit easier. The dolls can be pricey but I love their customer service. You place your order and three days later your stuff is there. Another benefit with them is my granddaughters are now interested in history. Fisher Price online I have to say was a bit disappointing this year. We have been ordering from them for years with no trouble but wow what a mess this year. All the stress over buying made me think of one of my favorite Christmas miracles. You can read about that here.

Christmas Tree 2013

 I am also cramming my book edits.

I am looking forward to the New Year. It always feels like a clean slate. I started working on my New Years goals at least in my head.  Do you do goals or resolutions?  A friend, Annmarie Kelly suggested a New Years word. A word that reminds you what your focus is for the New Year.   Something like drama free or calm. I like the idea any word suggestions?

I am still shaking over the horrific ending of Sons of Anarchy. Oh My Goodness, the writing for that show never fails to stun me. I hated the ending but it did make sense. I still hate the ending. Now we wait to see what happens next…

How about the Duck Dynasty craziness?  I don’t agree with all of what Phil said or the way he said it but I really get so sick of people who hear something like this, disagree with it and try to make it criminal or worse yet make it out to be a personal attack on them. Our culture of political correctness has created a society of hypersensitive, helicopter citizens that lash out without thinking, and then they think and try to walk it back. We really need to work harder at focusing on what beliefs we have in common and less on our differences.

We had our last Press Club meeting of the year on Wednesday. A company called the Purple Picnic People catered our lunch. The food was so good but the Cheesecake martini bar for dessert was outrageous.   I am thinking of using them for my next book release…

Cheesecake Martini Bar

Look what I saw at my parents house. I LOVE it! It is crazy but all I could think about when I saw it was cigarettes. (its own post someday:))

Typewriter envy

Merry Christmas Everyone!




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