Team Bethenny, Healthcare, a chapel and Hotdogs…


Welcome to November, everyone and how nice it arrived on a Friday! Personally, I still want July back. That does not help with my goal of living in the moment. I need to work on that.

On most Fridays, I am visiting, reading and commenting on the blogs of some of the best virtual friends a blogger could ever have. The little group is called Friday Fragments and it was started by the oh so lovely Mrs. 4444.

You can find out all about it here and you are most welcome to join us. We would love to have you.

My father is a very talented artist. Here he is with his latest work, a painting of the Chapel at Grace Episcopal Church in Port Orange, Florida. The painting is beautiful. The picture is a photo of a newspaper clipping so it is hard to see. I should do a post on him and highlight his work. I’m afraid people will want to buy my favorites:)

Dads painting

I was somewhat sad last night because I was working with an elderly client whose sister passed away.  I didn’t want to leave her but I missed Halloween with my grandbabies. Two of my daughters sent me pictures and gave me the rundown of the evening. I’m still waiting to get those pics from the other two.

Here is Adriana (4) she thinks she is a scary witch and her brother Dominic (11) He always was a hotdog and one of the best big brothers I have ever seen.

Adriana She thinks she is scary Dominic the hot dog and Adriana

I cannot wait to go help them eat some of that candy.

On the eating candy note, last Friday morning I had some surgery done and they placed the first two of many implants in my mouth. This has been going on for the last eighteen-months. I am SO looking forward to the end, which will hopefully be in the spring. Students are doing the work from the University of Pennsylvania (they are all doctors already) they are just learning to do reconstructive surgery. Anyway, I am confident the result will be a success because my case is their senior project. They are all so sweet and they actually text me all the time asking how I am feeling etc… I would advise anyone if you have a good University anywhere near you ask to be on the schools ‘research’ list or the clinic list. If you need any kind of dental work done, it is an amazing money-saver.

Speaking of saving money, I heard the official number of people that actually bought a healthcare plan from the government exchange website is six. I thought we were not going to get that official number until the end of the month but wow I would say that is an official failure.

Why wouldn’t our president have asked Bill Gates, or someone from Google or some other big tech company to build this very important site? They are friends, why didn’t he have them at least consult or something. I HATE that I spend SO much money on insurance as much as the next person does. I don’t feel sorry for people without insurance because if you didn’t have it there were so many opportunities to get it before. I know because I was there. Anyway, I was at least hoping this crazy idea would help some people but after visiting the post office the other day to get a book of stamps that I may use up in three years I lost any hope. Our government needs to let experts handle the business end of our government. This administration, especially, is full of academic leaders and while they are the best and the brightest in our country they just do not know how to run a successful business.

That was a fat fragment.

Have any of you seen this interview Bethenny did with Omarosa?  Woah.

What do you think of that?

I am having trouble with the fact that, Omarosa is now a minister. She still seems to be peddling her brand of hate.  Thinking about her preaching to our young people is scary.

Have a blessed weekend,


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7 Responses to “Team Bethenny, Healthcare, a chapel and Hotdogs…”

  • That seems like a good idea having students do medical work on you considering the cost of health care these days. I was thinking the same way went I went over to our local high school a couple of years ago but wouldn’t you know it? Nobody there knows a darn thing about proctology!

    Thanks for alerting me to the articles by Michelle Nahom. The thing I got most out of them is the need to learn more about SEO and keywords. Most of her other suggestions are about content and for me, that is what it is. Someone will either like the humor or not.

    Thanks again, Doreen. I’ll try to make the session later in November.

  • Such cute grandbabies! I love the hotdog costume!

  • That is so awesome about your dad. It was so sweet of you to stay with your client, I’m sure she appreciated that. Such cute costumes on your grandchildren. I agree with you on Obama using someone like Bill Gates, that would have been a great idea. Enjoy the candy and have a nice weekend. Debby

  • Dawn:

    I think it’s so cute how kids think they are totally transformed with a costume on. They think they look exactly like what they envision in their mind. Too bad you missed being with your grands but it sounds like you were being compassionate and helping someone in need. Have a fabulous weekend!

    • They are so funny, Dawn.
      I know I was where I was needed and that is important. I cannot imagine being in my nineties and saying good by to my only sister. So sad for her.

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