Just like that its over…

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The last pots washed and put away the extra chairs, and buffet table put back into hibernation, goodnights said  and hugs given, and just like that, Thanksgiving for eighteen at our house was done. I hope your day was as blessed as it was for our family.

While having desert we played a game called pass around. The person at one end of the table thought of a sentence whispered it to the person next to her and so on around the other seventeen at the table. The last person to hear the sentence stands up and says it out- loud.  It was so interesting to witness one sentence change so much. A bucket of gumballs somehow became a bushel of clams.

Thanksgiving dessert

Another highlight and my daughter’s idea, the kids had a gingerbread house- building contest. The kids from three-years-old to eighteen all took it seriously. It was fun to watch and the results were quite good.

Morgan and Peyton Gingerbread houses Thanksgiving Ging house the boys Thanksgiving Gingerbread Ally and Adriana

I am so grateful I don’t have to work out of the house today. My grandsons Jim (10) and Dominic (11) are sending part of the weekend with us. They are busy writing songs (Absolutely, adorable how serious they are going about this) and I am looking forward to spending the day editing and hopefully writing a couple of articles.

Are you shopping today? Did you go out yesterday at all? I am hoping to accomplish some Saturday to support small businesses in my community and then getting the bulk done online on Monday.

Have a peaceful weekend,



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