I was given the number 11…

I was given the number 11, which happens to be my lucky number by a lovely friend…

So here it goes, 11 things you may not know about me:

1)      I spend as much time as I can on a Harley Davidson. I prefer riding with my husband but can ride on my own too. We go to bikeweek (March) and biketoberfest (October) in Daytona Beach every year.

Biker Mama Daytona

2)      Being a Philly girl I am a sports fan and have plenty of opinions when it comes to the Phillies, the Eagles and the Sixers but my #1 favorite sport is hockey and I love the Flyers. My #2 favorite sport is Boxing and I am a MMA fan.

3)      I collect porcelain dolls but I am scared to death of them. I keep trying to give them to my granddaughters but they are scared of them too.

4)      John brought home an elderly homeless woman one night and she stayed with us for nearly three years. I wrote a book telling her story. It will be out next year.

5)      PTSD and OCD do not define me.

6)      I am allergic to everything (Shellfish, white nuts, bees, paint, cats etc…) and do not go anywhere without epi pens.

7)      #5 & #6 annoy me, embarrass me and frustrate me.

8)      My brother, David and my stepson, John both died on the same date, different years but the same date. April is a sad month at our house.

9)      John and I met online. He sent me an e-mail that said “I see that you love to cook and I love to eat.” My daughter thought I should give him a chance. We met at Chickie & Petes in Northeast Philadelphia. We had dinner and then took a ride to the Jersey Shore. Thirteen months later, we got married on that same beach.


10)  We spend our anniversary on that beach every year with all of our kids and grandkids.

11)   You would not believe who I am ghost writing for and I cannot tell you…yet.





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  • I will definitely be reading your book about the homeless lady. Some of your blog posts about her were intense. Ghost writing – cool. Hope you can tell us who someday.

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