The Shores Resort and Spa, Walmart News, Biketoberfest and Friday Fragments…

I have been trying to get back to reality for two days now. I think Friday Fragments will do the trick. I’ve been traveling and I took a lot of notes. If you have some stuff you would like to get off your mind please feel free to join us. You can find all of the information you need here:

Right before we left for Florida I found out my book was one of the top one-hundred items at Walmart. It was number four to be exact. That news inspired me to get a lot of editing done while I was away.

Walmart Top 100

My Bonus son, Michael went with us this trip. He got the bright idea that we should drive straight through from Philadelphia to Daytona Beach. It was such a great idea that he slept the entire time we were in Florida, trying to catch up.

We stayed at the Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach Shores. I loved everything about our stay there. The view of the ocean, the sunsets, sunrises, the room, the food, the pool, the spa and the most friendly and kind staff.  Josh, Beck, Amy and Tyler kept us fed, hydrated and parked at the front door! I highly recommend this hotel if you are looking for some rest and relaxation.

Florida shores room

I had a wonderful visit with my parents. My Dad’s pet scan was clear. I have no words to express how grateful I am for that news!

My Parents in Florida

The weather was perfect for biketoberfest. I rode with John around the famous Loop that took us up along the ocean in Flagler Beach and along the Halifax River and through Tomoka State Park.

My sister-in-law and niece, Natalie spent a day at the pool with me. I still cannot believe it was warm enough in October to swim.

Florida Natalie in Pool

On the way home, we stopped in Durham, North Carolina to visit with my dear friend Joelle who has been battling an aggressive form of cancer and my dear friend Tina who is there to take care of Joelle and her children while Joelle’s husband is in Afghanistan.

Joelle, was also scheduled for a pet scan to see if the aggressive chemo treatments they are treating her with are working. All I can say is thank you SO much to everyone who has said a prayer or sent healing thoughts her way because some of her tumors are gone and the big one is shrinking. Please keep the prayers going!!

It was so nice to see her in good spirits!

I wrote my first ever ghost story for this blog and it is an absolutely, true story, every word.  I would love to know if you think I have a future in horror writing…The story is called the Dolls.. (I cannot seem to make this link work 
no matter what I do. I'm convinced its haunted.)

It is jaw surgery #5 for me today. What a way to end a beautiful 

I hope you have a great weekend...

12 Responses to “The Shores Resort and Spa, Walmart News, Biketoberfest and Friday Fragments…”

  • Nita:

    Sounds like you have had some really wonderful news. Sending positive thoughts your way for continued good news and rapid healing after your surgery. Horror stories aren’t generally my thing, but I will head over and give it a read.
    Hope this week is just as good as the last.

  • My sister once hit Daytona Beach for biketober! She doesn’t ride, but her friend’s dad does. They had a blast!! I think that resort has a sister resort in Myrtle Beach! That decor looks familiar! Such great news about both your dad and Joelle!! I know we have been praying for her, so that’s great news! Congrats on #4! Way to go!

    • Thank you so much for the prayers, they are working!
      Biketoberfest is SO much fun.
      I do ride but not often. I enjoy hanging on to my husband more. That way I can sight-see.
      I wonder if the resorts are related? I’ll have to ask.

  • You were in my neck of the woods!
    Congrats about the book and the Pet Scan!

  • cancer and a husband in Afghanistan – too much adversity to cope with
    Sounds like a good trip. All the best with your jaw.

    • It is too sad. We are having fundraisers so that her husband can come home.
      (She will lose here medical insurance if he comes home. He used all of the family leave, medical etc..leave available)
      The surgery kept me sleeping all weekend so here I am on Monday playing catch up:)

  • The link doesn’t lead to your story…Does it??

  • Wow–So much great news (except for that last part, of course)I hope that your surgery went well and that you mend quickly. Congrats on your book success! Off to check out your horror story! Have a great weekend!

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