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Good Orderly Direction

My husband uses this little phrase quite often. I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

Direction is something most of us no longer give a second thought.  We just get in the car and plug the address of our destination into our GPS and that annoying voice in the box tells us exactly where to go and when we must make a safe u-turn.

A couple of weeks ago I was running late. I typed in my new client’s address and as fate would have it, my GPS would not work.  Immediately I was riddled with anxiety.  I took a few deep breaths and went back into the house to map quest the directions. As I waited for the printer, I remembered I had a GPS app on my phone. I grabbed the printed directions just in case and was on my way.

GPS photo Uniden gps352

As frustrated, as all of this technology makes me I have to remember that it also gives me the confidence I desperately need to get in my car in Philadelphia without so much as a thought and drive to my dear friend, who is fighting an epic battle with cancer in North Carolina.  Without the GPS I think I would still be flying which is no longer fun.

I have come to depend on this little box to save me time and get me to my destination on time.

I strongly dislike depending on ‘things.’ I prefer to depend on God number one and human beings second but I most likely will not give up my little box that represents confidence and freedom any time soon.

Order in my life has been a struggle the last few months. I traveled so much with my book and it was beyond amazing. I am looking forward to the release of my second book and revising the third. These are answers to my prayers and certainly a dream come true. With all of this dream come true stuff happening I am still working (3) 12 -hour shifts a week out of the house. You would think that would leave me plenty of time to write, visit with grandkids, take care of the house, spend time with my husband and spend time with God. Instead, I have trouble focusing and finishing the simplest tasks.

I used to be such an organized person. I think I am struggling because I am no longer thinking about the directions or the journey.  I am now just dwelling on the destination.

The wonderful news is our seasons continue to change and with the arrival of each new season we have the opportunity to start anew. For me this means putting my life in order starting with focusing on God, family and work. Once I do this, I know Good Orderly Direction will follow.

How do you keep yourself moving in the right direction? How do you get yourself back on track if you stray? Is technology saving you time or sucking up your time?

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  • sometimes technology is a great help. I try to balance my time as best I can starting each day with prayer helps. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

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