A little trip, the beach and those damn Yankee’s..

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I am leaving this morning to drive my friend Tina to North Carolina so she can help to care for our sweet friend Joelle who is again, undergoing chemo and radiation. I have no doubt she will win this battle in epic, fashion but my heart is just hurting for her.

John and I were able to escape last Sunday, for the day. We rode the motorcycle to the shore. The weather was absolutely, perfect.ย  It was a bonus to find nieces, little nephews and a sister-in-law on the beach. It felt so good to take a break.







I am fighting that sinking feeling that summer is over. It is not over yet! I am not ready to give my grandkids back to school.

As usual, I have become completely unorganized over the summer. That is the only thing I like about summer ending and fall arriving, the schedule and order.

What do you think of major league baseball and A-Rods suspension? I personally think it is disgusting that he is the only player that is appealing. He is the one that was guilty of intimidating witnesses and selling the stuff. Shame on the Yankees for allowing him to take the field. I am personally SO sick of bad behavior being rewarded.

Have a beautiful weekend and please continue to keep Joelle in your prayersโ€ฆ




8 Responses to “A little trip, the beach and those damn Yankee’s..”

  • Dawn:

    Prayers for your friend. I hate hearing about anyone having to deal with cancer. What a beautiful destination for your motorcycle ride and how lovely to find family there too!

  • Jealous of the beach trip! I, too am amazed that the summer has gone by so quickly though my kids are in desperate need of routine.
    Blessings and prayers for your friend.
    Happy Friday!

  • Professional sports is all but dead to me…and it pisses me off! I love baseball, and football. I gave up football when the Eagles signed Vick. Despicable! Now with baseball…it’s just disgusting. It will all depend on when the fans stop donating their money to these criminals and their pimps!
    Sorry…was that too much?

  • Yea, why is bad behavior rewarded, I just don’t get it. Actually, I do understand that today, with no absolute truths and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes, how can justice prevail when rules are made and applied by individuals. It is bound to get worse in such a society.

    Ah, traveling to the beach on a motorcycle and meeting family. That sounds wonderful!!!

  • I, too, am sick of bad behavior being rewarded! What’s wrong with society???

    Wishing you and your friend safe travels, and wishing Joelle a successful win with her battle ๐Ÿ™‚ Sending prayers…

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