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It is hard to believe this post brings the 2013 A to Z Challenge to an end. ZZZZ’s are exactly what I need. April is always a tough month at our house. It holds the anniversary date of my brother’s murder and the anniversary date of my stepson’s death.

I cannot thank all of you that visited and commented enough. Meeting new people is my absolute favorite part of this challenge. It is also nice catching up with people I have not visited since last years challenge.

I am going to attempt to continue to visit more of the participants over the next few weeks.

April is also a month that promises new beginnings. Just this week in our town the trees have started to bloom and the flowers are getting buds. I am looking forward to the warm weather and the beach.


Last week it was decided my second book would become my third book and the third the second. I will be up to y eyebrows in revisions for the next 15 days.

Now I am going to catch up on some of the ZZZZ’s I’ve been missing!

Congratulations all!

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