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Politically correct is one of my least favorite sayings. Every time I hear someone say it, I cringe. The two words together are an oxymoron. There is nothing correct about politics.

The dislike of the word hit an all time low today when I read a tweet that said builders have decided to phase out the word ‘master bedroom.’ The new improved word will be ‘owner’s bedroom.’

My first sarcastic thought was, that is going to hurt the feelings of a renter.

I understand the necessity to minimize hurtful labels. Terms that are offensive to race, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation are understandable but seriously, people we have some serious life and death issues to deal with in this country are we really worried about the names builders use for rooms?

Do we really have to be ‘careful’ before we use the word terrorist? Why are we afraid of hurting the feelings of cowards that play with bombs and have NO regard for humanity, regardless of where they come from?

Why are we worried about the correctness of ‘master bedroom’ instead of worrying about the epidemic of violent deaths of poor black men by other poor black men? Why is that not controversial? Can we at least discuss the lack of mental health options parents have for their depressed kids? Why are we not demanding our lawmakers come up with a viable economic plan? A sensible energy plan would be nice.  How about having  a discussion on mental health laws?

Why as “People of the United States” can we not just embrace Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza? Why do we have to call them Winter Holidays?

Do you know one person that ever said, I am offended, by the word ‘master bedroom.’ I am willing to bet you have not.

I thought the term ‘politically correct’ became popular in the 90’s, used by the political right and originally a negative term.

It turns out the phrase was first used in a comment written by J. Wilson (one of our founding fathers and one of the first supreme court justices appointed by George Washington.) in 1793.

“The states rather than the people, for whose sake the states exist are frequently the objects which attract and arrest our principle attention..Sentiments and expression of this inaccurate kind prevail in our common, even in our convivial language…”The United States” instead of “The People of the United States” is the toast given. This is not politically correct. [phases.org.uk]

I had to read that three times but wow what a comment.

What examples of political correctness do you think are ridiculous? What examples are absolutely, necessary?

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