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Mental Health

Mental Health is one of those things we do not want to talk about but we need to desperately. I think it is safe to say we all know someone who suffers from some form of mental illness after all it seems as though everyone has battled depression at some point in their lives.

There was a time in society when if you exhibited the slightest symptom of being mentally fragile you were subject to being, locked away for years if not for life. These state run psychiatric facilities performed all sorts of horrific experiments on its residents at will.

We decided as a society we were not going to allow our mentally ill to be treated this way any longer. What we did not do was decide how we were going to treat them. We just basically, opened the doors of those ‘nut houses’ and told the residents they were free.

The states allowed these massive buildings to crumble or used them as Halloween attractions. This freed up a lot of state money, which of course quickly was funneled into something else.

That resulted in an epidemic of homelessness and a shortage of mental health out patient care.



We have to do something but nobody really has a clue and our state and federal government representatives wring their hands and move on because no matter what the solution is it is going to be expensive, very expensive.

We the people are beginning to demand something, be done and some politician said gun control. We have to have more control over guns. Yes, this will make us feel better for five minutes but it will not stop crazy people from killing.

Of course, we should have I.D and background checks to purchase a gun. Our representatives, ideas though are bordering on dangerous. They want psychologist and psychiatrist to report to some central information collection sight the mental health records of their patients. I may not be Einstein but if you were a crazy person [and most crazy people are quite brilliant and manipulative] would you go to a doctor for help if you new your information were being shared with who knows whom?

I was hoping the new health care bill would include a solution to our country’s mental health crisis. I read all three-thousand + pages and no, there is no solution to this crisis not even so much as a band-aid.

I do not know what the answer is but I think we need to start at home. We need to stop ignoring our crazy loved ones and gain some courage to help them. I know it’s hard to get any help from our health providers or any outside sources. That is why we need to be more diligent. We should not be buying guns for our unstable kids or letting them stay in our basements playing video games for days. We should not let them go off to college carrying around a stuffed monkey. We should not let them dye their hair carrot orange and play with chemicals.

Hungry Grandkids at the beach

We need to start by letting our young children learn social skills on their own and stop solving their problems for them. We need to help them learn to get out of uncomfortable situation, safely.

For the mentally ill in our society we need to treat them with kindness, help them to be comfortable talking about their illness and comfortable asking for help. We need to end the stigma so we can work together towards real life solutions.


I blame the Connecticut shootings on Adam Lanza’s mother for giving a mentally ill kid guns and I blame it on his father and brother for leaving him in the care of a woman who just spoiled him to shut him up and did not have his best interest in mind.


10 Responses to “Mental Health”

  • I have bipolar disorder and I assure you that I have not once ever EVER thought about harming another person.
    There is a huge stigma that surrounds mental illnesses. The most bothersome is the fact that every murder or catastrophe was caused by someone who was mentally ill.
    There is a difference between mentally ill and a simple a$$hole. If people want to kill, they are going to kill. Plain and simple. Take a look at gang members or jealous husbands/wives…”crazy” as you call it? Nope. Just an a$$hole.
    In Canada, our laws regarding guns is very strict. Very. Strict.
    Also, our healthcare is semi free (we pay for it through taxes but it isn’t any more than 600 a year). I am able to see a psychiatrist whenever I am experiencing an “episode”.
    I can’t speak for other cities, but we do have some resources here. I know that bigger cities have more.
    I don’t know what America has to do to change.
    Education being one of them.
    Increase funding for mental illnesses regardless of all the tragedies that have occured.
    I love America. I really do. My husband is a half breed. Am I terrified to cross the border to visit family? You betcha.
    It makes my heart sad.

    • My husband is bipolar as well, I am grateful he is stable. I agree totally some people are just a$$ holes and are going to kill no matter what with whatever is at hand.
      We cannot even buy good mental health care here because of the laws.

  • I agree with you about the dastardly state of affairs with respect to the mentally ill in the U.S. I too had hoped that the Connecticut shooting would open the dialogue on this issue. It seems our politicians can only handle one big issue per crisis at a time and this time it’s gun control.
    Thanks for a thoughtful post.
    From A to A

  • Gary at the Z to A.:

    Hi Doreen,

    Profound and poignant. I share your ethos. Through increased awareness and further understanding, the unfair stigma that still surrounds mental health issues, is slowly being eliminated. I am mentally ill. Yet, I’m not ashamed of who I am. Those who have not experienced mental health concerns are starting to know that my illness is only a small part of who I am.

    In Britain, we look on with horror at America. We do not understand the somewhat “Wild West” mentality that some seem to adhere to. The bottom line is that I believe that all Americans should be entitled to universal mental healthcare. Within our National Health System, which is universal healthcare, mental healthcare is an integral part of it.

    Indeed, back to your last paragraph. It seems to me that society would be better off with more love and less guns.

    Thank you for such a thoughtful posting.


  • raisiing two young boys, I’m finding raising kids so far more complicated than when I was growing up; they are growing up too fast and it’s hard to slow that down in this era. Nice post (though maybe typo at beginning with “no” for “know”?)

  • A thought provoking post. I’m in the UK and we don’t allow the general public to have guns, of course a few criminals get hold of them, but that’s few and far between, and we really don’t have much gun crime at all. I do think America should look to those countries who don’t allow it to see the statistics are much better in that respect.

    • If someone wants to kill they will use whatever is
      available, hammers, bombs etc…
      We are so stuck here in the u.s. Something needs
      to be done but I’ve yet to hear anything that will help.

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