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K is for Killer

It is being called the ‘trial of the century’ in Philadelphia but chances are where you live you have not heard of Dr. Kermit #Gosnell and his house of horrors.

People took to social media today to express frustration of the mainstream media’s lack of coverage of this case.

Dr. #Gosnell first appeared on law enforcements radar when investigators suspected he was selling narcotic prescriptions out of his office on swanky Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia.


It turns out he was also murdering babies, the victims of botched late-term abortions. The infants were born screaming. The doctor or one of his unqualified assistants took scissors and severed their spinal chords.  He left one woman lying in place for hours after he cut her cervix and colon in an attempt to extract a late-term fetus from her uterus. She had to have an emergency hysterectomy.  He is also on trial for the murder of a woman who was administered too much anesthesia during an abortion. Fetuses and body parts were- found in the basement, in closets, in cabinets and in the refrigerator and freezer. The details of this case are horrific.  I will leave it up to you if you want to know more of the graphic details.

As far as I am concerned, this is a human- interest story.  I can think of hundreds of reasons the media should be covering the story and only a few reasons why they are not.

  • Maybe the media is trying to protect us from the horrific details of this case because we are still so upset about the children murdered in Newtown. Maybe they covered that extensively because it was white on white crime and this case is ‘only’ black on black crime.
  • Perhaps the media powers -that -be think this case will make abortion look bad.  They are afraid evil republicans will use this case to outlaw abortion.
  • Could it be because these children were unwanted, unloved minority children?

Empty Seats

A woman on Twitter this afternoon ‘accused’ me of not being pro-choice. (@amaditalks) She accused me of not being pro-choice because I did not support her views that the reason this monster was able to continue with his murderous practices because he was providing a service these women could not afford elsewhere. No one turned him in because these poor women had no other alternatives. They had NO other alternatives because it is illegal!

Pro-Choice does not stand for Pro-Abortion. Pro-Choice means I respect your decision to choose abortion, adoption or life. It does not stand for I want to pay for your abortion. If you have been raped, there are organizations that will provide services for you free of charge, if you report the crime.


Why do some women dig their heels in so deep when it comes to the subject of late term abortion? Why do others dig their heels in so hard when it comes to gun control? Neither side wants to give an inch out of fear.

If we elected officials we trusted perhaps bills would be written in language that was simple to understand and indisputable.

Why as women do we attack each other and shame one another for our differences? Why do some of us sit back and let this bullying happen? Until we come together and respect one another, we will never move forward.

It would be nice if we could for once just be human beings, moms and dads, real journalist and leave politics and religion at the curb. It would be nice to agree that treating women in filthy, dangerous conditions is a real-life war on women and inexcusable and cutting a screaming baby’s spinal chord with scissors is murder.


**Photo Credit–Empty Media Seats at trial in Philadelphia– @jdmullane– Award winning columnist for the Bucks County Courier Times and the Intelligencer** Also one of the few journalist covering this story.

9 Responses to “KILLER”

  • This is sad indeed. I was not aware of this case at all. You would think the media would have covered it. Perhaps it’s because you can’t polarize gun control with this story. I do think that by making the issue either pro or against abortion, you loose chances to fix the problem. You loose chances to educate women so they can maybe not get pregnant in the first place. You loose chances to tell them to slow down and wait. You definitely loose chances to save these poor little ones. I’m sad thinking about all the couples that may have wanted to adopt these children. I’m glad he’s off the street anyway.

  • Abortion is not the answer. Especially late term, that’s murder in my heart. I’m sickened by these horrific atrocities. How stupid can women be? Do I sound insensitive? I cry and cry for those poor infants who don’t have a say in the matter. Little voices crying out into the universe. These women need counseling help. There are millions out there willing and wanting to adopt infants and people would pay doctor and hospital bills for the opportunity. Then I feel for that doctor, the devil is opening the pit for him as we write.

  • I’ve never heard … awful happenings … hope something (if at all possible) gets resolved.
    Thanks for bringing it to our general attention. Well-written post.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  • I did hear about this case although it was quite some time ago. I don’t remember where I saw it whether it was on the news or online but I did hear about it and was just as horrified then as I am now that anyone could do this.

  • Holy cow! I think the way you addressed this situation is perfect. Well written.

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