It is Stop Street Harrassment Week…

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Last Saturday I took two of my grandchildren shopping with me. We went to the grocery store, we picked up window treatments and then stopped at Rita’s water ice. Dominic is ten-years-old and such a big help to me. Adriana is three.

 Dominic nd Adriana

My neighbors across the street were having a yard sale. There front yard was crowded with shoppers. There was nowhere for me to park. I pulled as close as I could to the right side of the street, so cars could get by with ease.

A woman yelled across and said I will move my car for you. I told her no worries I was just unloading my car. After unloading the children and my purchase’s I went to get back in my car.

A car pulled up next to me and stopped. The man in the car started screaming at me. I have NO idea why, I wasn’t blocking him and I was about to go park. He told me he was a police officer and I was getting tickets. There was more said but charges are being filed so I cannot really say more than he was NOT a police officer.

I was terrified and worse my grandkids were scared. My neighbors and the yard sale shoppers told me to call 911. I’m glad I did. For those of you who are new to my blog, my brother David, was murdered in a random road rage attack. I’m hoping I’ve stopped this guys anger from escalating to physical violence.

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It just so happens this is Stop Street Harassment Week.

A-Z Harrassment Free

If you find yourself harassed in any way on the street whether you are walking or driving just get away. Let them yell at themselves. These situations can escalate out of control in seconds. Stay alive and report the harasser!



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