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Welcome to my “F” Post for the A-Z Challenge—

I chose my favorite blogging community…

Shortly after I started my blog 3 years ago I came across the blog of Mrs. 4444.  She created a weekly blog hop and called it Friday Fragments.  It was a great way for me to make blog friends and create relationships. I still try to participate every Friday.

Friday Fragments                    

You are more than welcome to join us some Friday:)

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, “Heard” items, and other small gems (hint: a notebook is helpful 🙂 and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Then leave a link to your Friday Fragments post with Linky Tools and link back to my main page in your post (please). So, to recap:

DO’s for Friday Fragments:
*Collect your tidbits throughout the week; put them in a Friday Fragments post.
*Grab the button and put it in your post and/or sidebar (it links to this post)
*Refer to my blog in your post and link to my current FF post. (Typing “Friday Fragments” in a 6-point font thrown in with twenty other blogs is not a sincere effort to promote FF and therefore doesn’t count.)
*Add the url link to your post with the Linky Tool on my page (the post for that week)

Please DONTs for Friday Fragments:
*Add links that do not point to Friday Fragment posts (LINKS THAT LEAD TO NON-FF POSTS WILL BE DELETED)
*Link up without visiting any of the other fragmenters; Friday Fragments is a community of bloggers. It is not a one-sided tool for promoting your blog.

Here is my shortened version of fragments  for the week:

* The A-Z Challenge is a challenge but I’m in it to win it:) I did not pre-write any of my posts, just the outline, theme and I chose most of the 26 words…

*I am working on a makeover for my website, finally!

*While I am at it I am planning an office makeover too.  I’m not too excited about that because I need to clean it out first and it is a mess:(

*I finally saw 70 in a weather report. Next Tuesday. It will probably last an hour between 3-4 and then be cold again but its a start.

* I have visited and read some amazing blog posts. I am trying to visit 10 blogs a day. This is my 3rd year participating in the a-z challenge and this year there are nearly 2000 participants.

*There is a new reality show being created in my neighborhood. You can read about that in my “C” post 🙂

I hope you’ll join us some Friday!!
Do you participate in any blog hops or memes?

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