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Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.

Winston Churchill

 It is that tug, the small voice you hear on a cold winter morning that says get up, get up and go. You need to do this so you can achieve that so you can have…

What is it that separates those who get up and those who pull the covers up around their neck and go back to sleep? It is easy for them to say, I have a lousy job I’ll just get another lousy job. Or they say, I did not have wealthy parents, I didn’t have a Dad, we had no money, my wife left me , Why write I will never get published, the list of excuses goes on and on.

These all are valid excuses, in my opinion however they are also debilitating. Once you give in to the negative voices like a bad app, they are nearly impossible to delete. Nearly impossible, not completely impossible, it takes continuous effort and it is possible.

Have you ever listened to an inspirational speaker? Most of them the ones that really speak with passion all seem to have a tragedy in their background. They have survived war, discrimination, violence, cancer, a child’s death and just about any horror you can imagine. What drives these people to quiet those voices and get up from under their comfy cover of grief?

Rocky Adriana

Adriana and I at the top of the “Rocky” steps at the art museum  ‘Philadelphia’

How do people that were born with nothing end up with everything? They make an earnest attempt at something. They may fail 1000 times but they keep going. They say to themselves I will instead of I can’t. They continually exhaust physical and mental energy until they achieve their goal and then they do it again and again.

How do people that were born with everything end up with nothing? That’s easy they do nothing. We can mock those crazy housewives’ or the Kardashian’s all we want or we can look at them and say, why do they get out of bed in the morning to do what they do? They surely don’t have to, or do they? They do if they want to keep what they have. We may hate how they choose to make their money and what they are giving to our culture but what are we doing for our culture?

My father –in-law used to say you get an ‘E’ for effort. That was his kind way of saying you didn’t win this time and that’s difficult but get back in there and try again.

It is the continuous effort that makes all the difference.





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