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I would like to introduce you to author Nat Fuller. 

Nat was born in Mississippi. He graduated from high school in Gainesville, Florida, and relocated to Durham, North Carolina.

After several years touring the country as an over-the-road truck driver, Nat accepted a contractor position, and served over three years in Anbar Province, Iraq in support of our troops. Between assignments on Al Asad airbase, Nat spent his spare time forming scenarios, building characters, and creating a story he hopes you’ll enjoy.

Nat is now in Afghanistan supporting our troops there. He is working on his second novel during rare down times.

Nat calls  a small town outside of Durham, North Carolina home.  He lives with his wife, Joélle, their two children, and their dog, Summer.

Joelle has been battling a rare very aggressive cancer for the past year.  She is such a strong woman and she will win this fight. If you could though please say a prayer and/or send good thoughts for this special couple.  And it wouldn’t hurt it you gave this novel a read. Its good!!

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‘Gavin Richardson is a family man in his late thirties with a wife, Samantha, and two young boys. He wakes up one day and wonders “what the hell happened”. Gavin is a finance executive at Whole World Telecom in Atlanta, Georgia, and is growing cynical about corporate America. Gavin is pushed to the limit when he is forced to eliminate fifty jobs for executive benefit only. The false security of a winning lottery ticket combined with the arrogance of his boss, Roger Bernadino, leads him to behavior far beyond his moral boundaries. When Samantha confronts Gavin with the reality of what he is becoming, it threatens the foundation of their marriage. Gavin’s older brother Joey, a successful restaurateur, shares Samantha’s fears for tragically different reasons. Joey’s drug addiction led to the death of his six year old daughter, Natalie. Gavin’s Christian upbringing is his only tether to reality. Samantha and Joey can feel Gavin slipping through their fingers and heading down a destructive path. The material and spiritual world battle for Gavin’s soul. Throughout this struggle Gavin has recurring dreams about Natalie, his mother, a man he does not recognize, a desk and two chairs, and fireflies that lead him to a surprise revelation that will forever change the footprints he leaves on our world.’

Author Photo NAT FULLER

For more information   http://www.natfuller.com


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