Feeling Insecure? Need a bit of Support? A little bit of Therapy…

I did a guest review on Dom Giordano’s blog. I would be so grateful if you would pop over there and let me know what you think. For nearly 20 years, Dom Giordano has been one of the country’s most popular and respected talk show hosts. I have been a fan since 9/11.

I hope you will stop over and leave a comment, I am trying to make a good impression:)


  The first Wednesday of every month, I join hundreds of other insecure writers for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group. You are so very welcome to join us…



“It’s time for another group posting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group!  Time to release our fears to the world – or offer encouragement to those who are feeling neurotic. If you’d like to join us, click on the tab above and sign up. We post the first Wednesday of every month. I encourage everyone to visit at least a dozen new blogs and leave a comment. Your words might be the encouragement someone needs.


When I started my blog three years ago it never once entered my mind that I might actually meet people-you know like in real life-

I merely wanted to share my WIP, give and receive support and to figure out how to create one of those platforms all the marketing types talk about.

Once my books release was imminent and events were being scheduled I thought great, between Facebook, my blog,twitter, LinkedIn, and G+ I should be able to fill those book stores to capacity.

Such a silly woman I am.

Do not get me wrong, I had a lot of events this past year, most were very well attended but they were well attended because of word of mouth, actual mailed invitations and because of the real media. There were a few people that did show from twitter and Facebook and without a doubt, they will be forever friends. Unfortunately, most of those that sent an RSVP via social media did not show.


Why is that? Do people feel too timid or shy? Do they feel pressured to buy a book? Or do they just not give a bother?

So far what I have figured out about social media is- you get what you give-well maybe…

I am committed this year to attend as many author and or other events that I possibly can within reasonable distance.

My blog is suffering from a lack of meaningful comments lately so I am visiting as many blogs as I can possibly read and leaving comments relevant to the post. It is all starting to work-maybe…

I am extremely shy and this is jolting me out of my comfort zone but I know it will be well worth it maybe…after all seven years ago after a year and a half of a long line of boring, sometimes scary first dates I met and married the love of my life-the day after I decided to give up online dating…


So, are you comfortable with just online friends or are you trying to develop relationships?

Have you met someone via social media  and become besties?




8 Responses to “Feeling Insecure? Need a bit of Support? A little bit of Therapy…”

  • I want to join this Insecure Writer’s Group that I keep hearing about but have no clue how to do so. I’ve got neurotic DOWN and need to join ASAP, lol.

  • Best of luck with your book tour stuff!

    I haven’t met many people who I met online in non-local groups. One friend from the Roswell fanfiction community lives in the Bay area, and I’ve met him a few times now when I went out to San Francisco for the Night of Writing Dangerously. It’s usually fun to drive around the East Bay with him and grab something to eat, but I have this weird sense that I wouldn’t have liked him so much if I hadn’t gotten to know him online first. *shrug*

  • I’m shy in the real world and haven’t done many events. I’m much more comfortable here online.
    Sad so few of your online buddies showed.
    But if you’re out and about, connecting and supporting others, that’s a good thing!

  • Hi Doreen,
    I enjoyed my visit here this evening very much! You are a good writer, everything flows….nicely. Yes I will go and visit domgiordano.com.

    Thank you for joining my blog today, I think I only was able to visit 4 or 5 of them today…got a late start! Will be better prepared next Wednesday.

    I will be keeping in touch! Have a good evening and best wishes on your book, book signing, and sales!! Congrats!


  • Nearly all my best writing friends are people I’ve met online. Some I’ve now met for real too and hopefully I’ll eventually get to meet up with many more.

  • Hey sweet Doreen. Yet another beautifully written post. I am a very social person by nature so my biggest thrill is to meet FB or Twitter friends in person. So far in the two years my book has been out I have met Lisa Tortorello author of “My Hero, My Ding” (A book I thoroughly enjoyed by the way); Joy Bowser author of “A Wife And A Witness” which I am currently reading; Children’s Author Melissa Staehli who has a beautiful book called “I Love You To The Moon”; Children’s Author Tiana Washington who writes the “Shanna” Series, and Lori A. Moore author of the children’s “Grady The Gray Cat” books.

    Along the way I have also met several other authors that were kindred spirits and this April, when I appear at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest, I will hopefully get to personally meet my friend Amanda Stephan author of the Christian Romance “The Price of Trust”. Amanda and I have talked on the phone several times, so it will be a wonderful treat to finally meet her in person!

  • I can relate to this as I am very shy as well. My book is about to be released and the marketing and promotion scares the heck out of me! Kudos to you for coming out of your comfort zone.
    What a lovely wedding photo! It’s great to meet you through the IWSG. 🙂

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