Oscars,books,is it the flu and SO many questions.. it must be Friday Fragments time..

Happy New Year Week 2. I have not broken any resolutions yet because I didn’t make any…yet. I am still working on my goals for this year. One will def be to figure out the new word press photo thingy, yikes!! Have you had to reset yet?

Welcome to my episode of Friday Fragments. If you would like to star in your own episode check out the plan here and be sure to say hello to the lovely host Mrs.4444…


Friday Fragments

Scary Rant:  I had a second surgery of 3 to repair and remove some damaged bone (jaw) on 12/12/12.  It went very well.  It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  Anyway 2 weeks ago I woke up feeling horrible. I took some advil and went about my day. The next morning my throat hurt and I had a bad headache and a fever. At 9:15 a.m.I called my doctors office and requested an antibiotic. At 4:30 his P.A. called me and said “We are not giving antibiotics until you have had symptoms for 7 days. I suggest you use something over the counter.” I said “ I seriously think I better come in because that advice is not good for me.”  She said “You need to wait 7 days first.” I LOVE my doctor but this made me so mad. I cannot take over the counter meds. (high blood pressure and epilepsy) Anyway the next day lets just say I was sick. My husband called the docs office and said I am bringing my wife in. They put me in with the nurse practitioner, who I do like. She examines me and tells me I need to immediately, go to the emergency room. I did and it turned out I have an infection(in my glands) resulting from my surgery and if I had waited 7 days I would have been dead. That was SO scary and I am SO angry. I intend to bring this up with my doctor and will sadly most likely be looking for a new one. Sorry long fragment but jeeze you MUST be your own best health advocate these days. Have you ever had a close call like this?

My lil peanut granddaughter Avery Paige turns 7 on January 11th. Here she is just a few years ago…I loved this day!!!

Avery Paige-Baby Parade

How the heck do you get dogs to stop barking at every little thing??  I have tried everything, I think, except those zapping collars. Do they work??

I am thrilled that a book written by a Philadelphia area author (Matthew Quick) was made into a movie (Silver Linings Playbook), filmed in Philadelphia and the burbs (my area:) and stars a Philadelphia actor (Bradley Cooper)has been nominated for 8 Oscars. I am also excited that next week a review I have written for the book and movie will appear on the blog of someone I am a huge fan of….to be continued...

I am trying to think of something different for my facebook author page. It is a boring page. But it would be nice if you liked it…any suggestions??


I am looking for a jewelry crafter that works with resin. Do you know someone??

January 26 is coming up quick. I hope I feel much better than I do today. I will be at the Barnes & Noble in Durham, North Carolina for a book signing from 1:00-4:00. If you are in the area please stop by and say hello, I would LOVE to meet you!!


If you are a Friday Fragment friend and have not read my book yet and would like to do a review for me I would be happy to send you one…just let me know…here doreenb8@verizon.net

Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone,


16 Responses to “Oscars,books,is it the flu and SO many questions.. it must be Friday Fragments time..”

  • The abduction story was very scary.

  • I laughed at your dog question. My grandparents had their dog 18 years and never got him to quit barking at every little thing, lol.

  • Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. What an exciting Ravens/Broncos game that was–and we won! Unfortunately I missed the second half because I wanted to keep a commitment to see Les Mis with my friend while we can.
    Barking dogs are the worst–our neighbors don’t seem to care that their little brats are disturbing the peace. We have one who barks from the time she wakes up in the morning until someone lets her out of the crate. Ugh. Hey, about the advice…SO glad your hubby made that call. My doctor’s tech (who answered the phone and is not a nurse) advised me once on taking iron which I needed but wasn’t sure the dose. She told me something that sounded too high. I googled it and found out it would have been a lethal dose. I liked my NP too much to leave her, but I told her about this incident and she was visibly upset about it. Grateful I told her, but angry that her tech had taken it upon herself to give out dosing info at all. Wouldn’t be surprised if the tech lost her job over it.

  • Mary:

    Avery is a doll baby! I’m in the process of reading your book; I’ll write a review as soon as I’m finished! 🙂

  • Thank goodness your hubby put his foot down and took you in, and you absolutely must get a new doctor! I’ve had to deal with a bunch of dumb doctors in Egypt. I just kept looking until I found great ones. Good luck and feel better soon! 🙂

  • I can’t believe the PA treated you that way! I have NEVER known a doctor to make you wait 7 days with those kinds of symptoms. Good on your husband for bringing you in regardless of what the PA said. I hope that your doctor will be properly appalled and that you won’t have to find a new one over this.

    Your granddaughter is such a cutie! They grow so quickly, don’t they? I’ve got 2 boys – one is 4 and the other will be 7 on February 13. I just keep wondering where the time has gone.

    And yay for Philly people! I lived in Philly for about 3 years and my husband grew up in Cherry Hill. Philly rocks. 😉

    As for your book – I’ll have to e-mail you soon regarding getting a copy to read. I have a book review blog along with my general Sanity’s Overrated blog and I’d love to review it. I just have a lot of books out of the library right now that I need to finish reading first!

  • P.S. I want to read your book! Going to look for it now!

  • Wow! I’m so impressed with all of my blogger friends who have written books! I have threatened to write one for years, but it might be dangerous. My family might kill me because it will be a tell all mostly about my own children! 🙂

    So glad you got to the doctor! I hate it when they put you off like that as if we don’t know our own bodies! I have had many a “discussion” with doctors about what I do and do not know! 🙂

  • I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions – – – never make any. I just resolve to live in obedience to the Holy Spirit every day of every year. Sooooo much easier.

    Baby Avery is certainly adorable, but she’s still a cutie now.

  • Glad you and the hubs were persistent! I’d be ticked, too.

    Barking collars work very well and will bring back your sanity.:)

    I think your FB page looks terrific the way it is.

    Have a terrific weekend!!

  • Jaw surgery – hope you are recovering quickly now. I guess you have many weeks of soft food, soups, puddings?
    Cute pic of your granddaughter. Have a great weekend

  • Bee:

    Yikes! I’m glad your husband took you into the doctor’s office the next day. I would be so incredibly angry. If you like the doc, maybe stay with the doc but lodge a complaint about the PA?

  • So glad you got yourself to a doctor! Sadly, we do have to be our own advocates these days.

    We had a dog that barked incessantly and the obedience school gave us two tips-one was to put coins in an old soda can and tape it up. When she began barking to excess we threw the can down and it made an incredible racket which quieted her down. We also tried a squirt bottle-a little water in the face.

    The dog we have now doesn’t bark a lot. She has other charms of course : )

  • Hopefully you find a better doctor and get an apology from your current doc.

  • Terrible advice from your doctor’s office. I am so sorry.

  • You granddaughter is adorable. Happy Birthday to her today!!!!

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