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Did you grow up in a reading or a writing household?

A little bit of both, I suppose. My parents were constant readers—my father favored nonfiction of the most esoteric variety, and my mother liked novels of all sorts.  Interestingly, although my father was a businessman, he always aspired to be a writer, and now that he’s retired he is pursuing it with a passion.

What is in your ‘To Be Read’ pile?

I’m finishing The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Juno Diaz, and the next book in the pile is Zadie Smith’s NW. That said, my leisure reading is often derailed when I agree to read a colleague’s book for a possible blurb.

Do you prefer writing or having written? What is your favorite part of each process?

Did you know that’s a paraphrase of a Dorothy Parker line? She was the one who said, “I hate writing, I love having written.”  It’s a favorite quote for many of our colleagues.

I had no idea…

For me, though, writing is sublime. That’s not to say there’s no angst or despair along the way, but I live for that zone of intense concentration. Writing induces a state that that pulls me completely away from this world.

My favorite part is when I’m truly creating (as opposed to editing or working out the mechanics of the plot) and that usually happens at about 5:30 in the morning, after I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

Tell us about your upcoming release? Can it be pre-ordered?

Thanks for asking, Doreen! Farewell, Dorothy Parker comes out February 21 from Putnam, and is available for pre-order right now.

It’s about Violet Epps, a timid woman movie critic who visits the Algonquin Hotel to pull strength from the hallowed dining room where Dorothy Parker and so many other famous writers of the 1920s traded barbs. But she gets more than she bargained for when the notorious wit rematerializes from an ancient guest book and hitches a ride onto her life.

She is shocked and thrilled to be face-to-face with her idol. But when the gin-swilling writer takes up residence in her home and grows pricklier and more outspoken by the day, Violet is pushed to her limit. With her job threatened, her new relationship in tatters, and the custody fight for her orphaned niece in jeopardy, Violet is forced to face her fears … and she makes sure Mrs. Parker does the same.

When did you first ‘discover’ Dorothy Parker? What drew you to her?

I was a high school girl when I discovered Dorothy Parker, and was immediately drawn to her shocking irreverence, stinging wit and powerful insights into the human heart.

What is your writing schedule? Where do you write? What are your favorite writing gadgets?

I do my best work at 5:00 in the morning. There’s something magical about that hour for me. I guess my only gadget at is a strong cup of coffee.

What is your favorite family vacation (real or dream)? Favorite grown up vacation?

Since I’m so stressed and overworked right now, I dream of a sunny tropical beach with no crowds … and no electronics. I’d take that as a family vacation or a romantic getaway with my husband.

 Share your Hurricane Sandy Survival story with us…

When it began, we had friends staying with us, as they live in a low lying area and were evacuated. So it was a full house, with our three kids, plus this additional family and their two dogs. At first, it felt like an adventure, even when we lost power. But as the days wore on it got scarier and scarier. We were thrown into darkness and cut off from the world, with no phone, television or Internet. Worst of all, we had no heat, and the house got colder every night. Plus, it was almost impossible to find gas for the car, so fleeing wasn’t an option. I was terrified, and took out all my anger our on LIPA, our uncommunicative and ineffectual power company.

Still, we were lucky, as our house sustained very little damage. As I’m sure you know, many here on Long Island lost their homes.

 Favorite TV indulgence?

Would it surprise you to know that I’m hooked on Storage Wars? The idea of finding real life treasure is so appealing!

 Coffee or tea? Beer or wine? Milk or dark chocolate?

 Coffee  … wine … dark chocolate. And now I’m hungry.

 Early Praise for Farewell, Dorothy Parker

Farewell, Dorothy Parker is a delightful haunting. How wonderful to have the renowned wit—America’s wisegirl—as resident ghost and adviser….  Ellen Meister’s new novel is smart and fun.”
Susan IsaacsNew York Times bestselling author of As Husbands Go

“Gone four decades and still missed, Dorothy Parker now has a starring role in Ellen Meister’s delicious new novel. No doubt Mrs. Parker, wherever she is, must be smiling.”

Marion Meade, author of Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?

“In Farewell, Dorothy Parker, Ellen Meister provides refreshing insight into Mrs. Parker as a wit, civil rights advocate, and writer. Both of this bitchin’ novel’s main characters—Violet and Dorothy—can visit me any time.”

Mark EbnerNew York Times bestselling author of Hollywood, Interrupted

“What bliss to be in the company of a reimagined Dorothy Parker!  Ellen Meister’s wonderful novel delivers the wit, ingenuity and elegiac sass worthy of the Algonquin Round Table’s most quoted member. Long live Dorothy Parker and her zingers, resurrected so winningly in these pages.”
Elinor Lipman author of The Family Man

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