Friday Fragment Time and another Miracle…

I woke up Wednesday thinking it was Friday and have not been right since. Hopefully I have it right today and hopefully the world did not end yet, because I still have a lot to do starting with Friday Fragments. What is that you ask? All you need to know you can find out over at Mrs. 4444. Join us its easy and fun, I promise…


Friday Fragments

I had my second jaw surgery on 12/12/12. It was nerve wracking but I made it through and I am feeling so much better today. [The stitches came out yesterday] I will still be on a softer diet until probably the end of February but heck I think I am getting used to itL I will hopefully have just one more surgery the end of January and finally be free of migraines fingers crossed and all!

I want to wish each of one of you a blessed Christmas. I enjoy and appreciate all of you, your comments and support over the past 2 years has been such a blessing to me. (((HUGS))) I hope you all have a chance to just stop and have a little peace.

A Christmas Card for Fragments

I will be working with a hospice client from 7am-3pm on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I do not really want to but I could not stand for her not to have a few hours of company. It should work out okay we will go to my daughters at 6pm on Christmas Eve and it will be chaotic and tons of fun. All the grandkids will be there. I cannot wait. What are you doing? Have you ever worked on a holiday?

I am hoping to get some writing done on Saturday and Wednesday.

My website needs a makeover. I hope I can find some time to meet with Brian to get it done.

I will be heading to Durham, North Carolina on January 26 for a book signing at the New Hope Commons Barnes & Noble from 1-4. If you are in that area, please stop by and say hello. I am very excited because my very sweet friend Joelle lives very near by and I will be visiting with her and her precious children. Do you all remember me asking you to pray for Joelle because she was fighting an aggressive cancer? If you prayed or sent, good thoughts thank you sincerely because today Joelle is cancer free. Please say a quick prayer for her husband who had to go back to Afghanistan. My father also had a pet scan yesterday and I am so relieved to say he is one year and still cancer free. I believe in miracles.

Our neighbors got a German Sheppard puppy (the neighbors whose kid through my dog Louie a few months ago) scary right? Any way Lance and Louie have been barking non-stop when they are outside. It is driving me crazy. I went out with the spray bottle yesterday and the little buggers kept running away and barking. Ugghhh…

Again have a Blessed Christmas XXXOOO




2 Responses to “Friday Fragment Time and another Miracle…”

  • Kay:

    I hate it when that happens!! Almost as bad as waking up from a nasty nightmare that was too real to just shake off 🙁

    I am so thankful that you will be spending time with that patient for Christmas. I know it will be hard, but such a blessing to her.

    Have a Merry Christmas yourself! We will be hunkered down here in the house eating super yummy food.

  • Oh I do hate it when that happens – – – a little change in the schedule of your week and for some reason you “skip” a day or jump ahead in the week and it is oh so hard to tell yourself differently!

    Happens to me often.

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