My rebuttal to Eric Garland, the RNC and the DNC…

Eric Garland wrote an open letter to the RNC calling them out for assuming he is a ‘typical’ republican and schooling them on how to change their ways so as not to be ‘ruled’ by democrats for years to come.

In his narcissistic letter, Eric brags about how white he and his wife are and how much whiter his children are, how educated he and his wife are (15 years between them), his bloodline that flows straight back to the Mayflower, his large suburban home, the vast amount of taxes he pays, his black and gay friends and his home state of Vermont.

Seriously Eric you need to look in the mirror you are a typical elitist democrat.

In your letter you assume President Obama demolished Governor Romney. The numbers show the truth,  this election was frighteningly close.

I am a 50 something, once a divorced, single mom, re-married, writer, caregiver, white woman. Yes, many would assume I’d be a slam dunk for the DNC and I was for years. I was an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary. I even convinced my white, middle aged husband to support her. That cycle left me bruised but I jumped on the Obama train, you know for the sake of the party.

During one of his speeches during the Obama/Cain campaign, Obama, talking about abortion made the comment that he would never want his daughters to be punished with a child, if they made a mistake. That comment made me cringe. During a debate with Hillary, he said he never heard Reverend Wright preach black liberation theology even though he was in the pews there for 20 years. He said the Reverend was like an uncle to him and then he threw him to the curb. I started having doubts. When he made the infamous ‘lipstick on a pig’ comment which gave 1000’s of impressionable, young adults, comedians and just plain mean people a pass to attack Sarah Palin, her special needs baby and her young daughters, my husband jumped back to the R’s. Not too long after I joined him.

This past cycle again left me wondering. I was not happy with President Obama’s record but I was not sold on Governor Romney either. I seriously bounced back and forth. For months I was called stupid, a racists and a traitor, yet still I was on the fence.

When the ID law came under fire in Pennsylvania I heard an interview on the Dom Giordano radio show between Dom and a local Philadelphia election official. He, (the official) said if the law was passed, he would break the law. I was stunned. There were many incidents that left my head spinning such as Eric Holders comments following the black- panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia. (He said he was not going to prosecute any black on white race based cases.), Fast and Furious (lack of information.), the deception involved in the new healthcare laws, the comment our president made to the Russian President and the whole Sandra Fluck, war on women silliness and the taking God out of the convention and putting him back in incident and so, so many more. Then there was Libya.

I was suspicious of the ‘movie’explanation.

The determining factor for me was the second debate when President Obama was being assertively questioned by Governor Romney on Libya when Candy Crawley interceded with a bold, outright lie and our president with a stunned look on his face said nothing. He allowed the lie to stand in front of millions of young Americans. The lack of integrity our president showed caused the last ounce of respect I had for him to leave me.

The Libya scandal continues to spin out of control now involving a sex scandal and FBI agents offering to take their shirts off. I’m guessing we might have an “I’ve lied to the American people” save face moment but I’m now doubting that will ever happen.

Why do I think Governor Romney lost? I believe it was partly because of the brilliant Obama campaign strategy to divide and conquer. They successfully divided the Catholics and women. Throw in the lack of republican ground game, the governor’s reluctance to talk about or even let his ‘people’ talk about his compassion for his employees, his family and those that are hurting and his choice to not call out our president during the last debate on the Crawley lie and the Libya cover-up. Had he done those as well as chosen a running mate like a Nicki Haily or a Hispanic woman, Dick Morris’s landslide prediction would have come true.

I think our democratic party has been hijacked by ego maniacs under the guise of do gooders. I think it is despicable the way our poorest minorities have been used and the result is, like it or not, generations of people reliant on entitlement programs. They have no incentive to strive for more just promises of more handouts.

Our republican party needs to retire the ‘cronies’ that think they understand us and how the ‘system’ works. They no longer have a clue. They need to let the young as well as the women in the party to put their heads together to come up with a sort of list of core principles. They need a viable alternative to the health care bill. They desperately need to provide us with a RNC leader that is capable of leading and likable.

The American people, yes all of us need to understand that it is safer for us as a nation to teeter somewhere close to the center. The extremist from both parties need to be put on notice. Both parties have ‘big money’ behind them that they are beholden to.

We need to stop being mean and bullying one another. As a whole we need to demand our congress and our senate get their acts together and remind them that they work for us not themselves. They are public servants not rock stars.

Unlike Eric I have no interest in turning the RNC into the DNC. Both parties have principles that are in stark contrast of each other. As American people we have stark differences between us. We need to embrace our differences and make our decisions based on honesty, respect and integrity.



3 Responses to “My rebuttal to Eric Garland, the RNC and the DNC…”

  • I agree Chris. Most democrats are nice, kind people. Where did all of this arrogance and entitlement come from? Its very sad.
    I hear you too Jennifer, I think I could go on and on…

  • Hi Doreen, I didn’t see Eric’s comment but I don’t like the idea of pigeon-holing anyone based on a few traits or characteristics. I too might be expected to vote for one party based on my job and some of my beliefs, but I did NOT vote for that party because I’m a complex person (like everyone else!)

    This is what blogging is for–venting! If I posted a rant about the election I think it would be 20 pages long LOL.

  • Doreen,
    I understand your frustration. And he may be arrogant – but not all of those of us who call ourselves Democrats are….in fact many of us seldom speak up, but are poor even though we can write online.

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